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Quick and EASY Melted Snowman Ornament Craft

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Here is a fun Snowman Ornament you can make in a matter of minutes. They look great hanging on your Christmas Tree or you can even use them as fun Winter decor in your home.

I recently saw the idea for these Melted Snowman Ornaments on FunFamilyCrafts.com and the moment I saw it I knew I had to make some.  My sister and I love Snowmen so I wanted to make her and I one to hang on our trees.

I had all the supplies on hand in my craft room so last night I made two of them it was so EASY. I think they came out so adorable !!

I can see these not only hanging on the Christmas Tree, but you can hang them from your Windows, use them as adornments on Gifts etc…

Here is all you need to create these Melted Snowman Ornaments:

  • Hot Glue
  • Black Beads
  • Orange Pipe Cleaner
  • String
  • Tin Foil

Now watch as I show you how EASY they are to make:

First gather all your goodies. Then lay out a piece of Tin Foil.  Cut a small piece of your Orange Pipe Cleaner and fold it in half to create a Carrot Nose. Next take your string and knot it on the end and lay on the Tin Foil. Take your Hot Glue and blob it on the Tin Foil on top of your string to create your Snowman Head – there is no right or wrong way to do this, but do not make a perfect circle – you want it to look as though it melted.

Then carefully add on the Carrot Nose and your Beads for the Eyes and Mouth.

Then let it dry. You can also stick it in the freezer for a bit to make it easier to remove from the Tin Foil – that is what I did.

That is it – now how Cool is that? No pun intended really.

My favorite part about these ornaments is that the light shines through them so nicely – so when I hung it on my tree I made sure it was in front of a light.

This is the picture of the Melted Snowman Ornament that inspired me. This is from Craft Elf  and as you can see their shape is a bit different but sooo cute.

So give it a try – it really was simple and they are so adorable !!!

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