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Rainbow Unicorn Party Supplies

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Rainbow Unicorn Party SuppliesThese party supplies are all Unicorns and Rainbows!!! I absolutely love these Rainbow Unicorn Party Supplies and they are a perfect addition for a Unicorn Party don’t’ ya think?

When I first saw these they brought me back to my own childhood – I always loved Unicorns and Rainbows and they look like some things I use to have when I was young in my own room. I love Rainbows too – they are so magical. You can take a look at a page I wrote all about them awhile back here: The Rainbow.

Ok enough about me lets talk Unicorn Party!!! These Rainbow Unicorn Party Supplies have everything you need and there are even matching party invitations as well. Add some Balloons in bouquets of rainbow colors and you can even attach cut out clouds on the strings below the balloons for some extra fun.

Now let me show you some other Unicorn Party Decorations and Activities that would also go great with this party theme:

Inflatable Unicorn Puppets
– How much fun are these? The kids would go crazy for these. Use them at the party or add them to the party favors.

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn Game
– This Pin the Horn on the Unicorn Game matches perfectly and everyone loves this game no matter what age they are.

Unicorn Candy Fun Pack
– Yummy!!! A bag fun of magic if you ask me – Candy Unicorns, Stars and Rainbows. Great to have out on the table or party of you party favors.

Unicorn Twist Pops
–  Yup edible Unicorn Horns!! Make a fun display on your table by sticking these in a syrafoam base in a basket and let the kids pick one out to take home from the party.

stuff a plush unicorn

Stuff a Plush Unicorn – For a fun party activity have the kids Stuff a Plush Unicorn available on my main website. You can chose from 16″ Unicorns or 8″ Unicorns. Add a T-Shirt and some rainbow colored fabric markers and let the kids design away.

Rainbow Pinata – The Rainbow Pinata is a no brainer for this party theme and makes a great decoration hanging in the party space until it is pinata time. Fill it with Unicorn Stickers, Rainbow Candies, Tattoos, Rainbow Bouncy Balls etc…

I can go on and on adding products to this post because there are so many you can incorporate with this theme it is mind blowing. I hope I was able to give you some inspiration to get you started. All the inspiration comes from the partyware – it is just a fun design all around. Oh and be sure to check out my page on How to Make Rainbow Cupcakes because you will need to make some of those for this party too!! One more thing I forgot to add – Use some Froot Loops and let the kids create some colorful edible necklaces and bracelets – easy and they will love that.

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