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Ramona and Beezus Party Invitations

July 19, 2010 by  
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With the Movie release of  Ramona and Beezus starring Disney’s own Selena Gomez and her little co star Joey King you may find kids wanting a Ramona and Beezus Movie Party. What better way to invite them to the party than with these Ramona and Beezus Ticket Style Invitations from my friends over at EventWrapper on EBay.

These Ramona and Beezus Ticket Invites are completely personalized with all your party information and you are also given the choice of printing them from home. So if you are planning your party last minute – No Worries. There are multiple designs to choose from in addition to the ones you see pictured to the left.

Eventwrappers also offers Ramona and Beezus VIP Pass Party Invitations that come in a Badge with a Lanyard that the kids can wear when they come to the party. I have used these before and the kids were crazy about them. These VIP Pass Invites are 3″ x 4″ and printed on both sides with all your party information. Let the kids feel like they are the VIPs of the party and trust me they will.

In addition to these Ramona and Beezus Invitations Eventwrappers also offers coordinating items for the party as well like Ramona and Beezus Candy Bar Wrappers, Address Labels, Water Bottle Labels, Goodie Bag Labels and more.

I know I will be going to see this movie with my daughter being she is a Big Fan of the Ramona and Beezus Book Series by Beverly Clearly. I wonder what book Series will become a movie next?

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