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Rango Party Invitations and Party Ideas

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The Rango Movie will be hitting theaters March 4th 2010 and is a great movie to take the kids to see for a Rango Birthday Party. These Rango Party Invitations that are available Ticket Style are the perfect way to invite your party guests.

Ebay has a nice selection of Ticket Style Rango Party Invitations

available in many different designs to chose from. You can also find VIP Pass Rango Invites as well. All of which can be personalized with all your party information and some sellers even give you the option to print them from home. These type of invitations are perfect for a party that revolves around a movie and the kids love them, especially the VIP Passes.

Rango is a movie about a Chameleon (voiced by Johnny Depp) that has an identity crisis. He then becomes the Sheriff of a Western Desert Town called Dirt. The movie looks like it will be full of adventure and one the kids will really enjoy, actually I think I will enjoy this one too.

At this time there are no official Rango Party Supplies on the market, but being it takes place in a Western Town you can incorporate any Western Party Supplies to pull it off. If possible set up your party area to look like an old Western Town. You can place old Bottles on a counter and even create the Saloon like in the movie.  In the movie the drinks at the Saloon have funny names like Cactus Surprise, Splat in the Night, Scabby Susan, Fuzzy Cat, Mirage & Scorpion Fart. You can create labels for you Drink Bottles with some of these funny names and really get the kids laughing.

There are also plenty of Rango Movie Posters

out there that you could also hang up around your party area and then they become a nice keepsake for the Birthday Child when the party is over. Another funny thing you can do is have the Guest of Honor wearing a Red Hibiscus Shirt just like Rango wears in the movie – that would be cute.

Also available on the official Rango Website you can download funny Wanted Posters of each of your guests and it allows you to add in the crimes they are wanted for as well. I did one of my daughter pictured to the left – very fun.

Some Rango Party Games Ideas you can do is play Cactus Ring Toss – you purchase the Cactus which is inflatable and comes with 6 Inflatable Rings for tossing.

There is also a Cactus Pinata you can get for the party too. Add in some individual packages of Goldfish to tie in the wind up Goldfish Rango carries around.

Depending on how you feel about toy guns you can also set up some fun Target Practice with some Nerf Guns or even create the Stand Off Scene from the movie where two party guests at a time put on the Nerf Gun Vests and on go the shoot and see who can get the Nerf Dart to stick on first.

When it comes to Cake Time I prefer Cupcakes so I created these FREE Printable Rango Cupcake Toppers you can use to create some cute Rango Cupcakes for the party. Just print them out on Heavy Cardstock Paper, Cut them out and Tape a Toothpick or Craft Stick to the back and place into your Cupcake. How easy is that?  To kick the cupcakes up a notch sprinkle some Brown Sugar on the tops to look like Sand for the Desert feel.

Another cute snack you can make for the party are some Sheriff Badge Cookies you can use a Sheriff’s Badge Cookie Cutter or just create them using any Star Cookie Cutters.

When it comes to your Rango Party Favors I am a big fan of sending the kids home with usable items. So I would suggest sending each of them home with one of the many Rango Books

that are available. You can also add in a Bookmark, maybe some of the Sheriff Badge Cookies and a Drink. Then you will have a party favor you can feel good about sending the kids home with. So Easy !!

So there you have it – some simple easy ideas for Rango Party.

Enjoy !!

Here are pictures from my Niece’s’ Rango Birthday Party. My sister in law took all the kids to go see the movie and each one of the girls had a VIP Pass Rango Invitation they wore. The decorations were Western decor she found at Party City and worked great for the theme. The Rango Cupcakes with my FREE Printables were a hit with the kids and looked so cute. And following my suggestion she had Rango Books along with Rango Bookmarks and a Rango Thank You tag attached to each and wrapped in Twine – Now how cute are they?


10 Responses to “Rango Party Invitations and Party Ideas”
  1. trish says:

    Thanks so much! my son is having his Rango party on Sunday and the cupcake toppers will be perfect!

  2. You are so welcome – Enjoy !! MY niece is having a Rango Party this weekend too – lol

  3. Stacy says:

    Thank you for all the great ideas. We celebrated our son’s 8th birthday yesterday with a Rango party. We took 12 boys to see the Rango movie. We followed up at our home with nearly all of the party ideas you gave. In addition, we provided kid meals from Burger King which included Rango novelty cards (Burger King was very accommodating to include all the same item). I used a food coloring pen to write each boy’s name on the sheriff badge cookies. These were put in the treat bags with the Rango book and Thank-you Rango bookmarks, and Rango Silly Bandz purchased online ( I pre-ordered the Rango Sound Track from iTunes, burned a CD to play during the party. We played “RANGO” (Bingo) using free customized printable game sheets online ( We used Nerf guns for target practice using empty plastic bottles and helium balloons staggered at different heights above the bottles. I had the “Wanted” poster blown up (16 X 20) and printed at Costco to display on the wall of my sons. Then I took a photo of each guest and using the same software I’ll create a 4 X 6 Thank You for the gifts (today’s project). The party was a huge success! Thanks again.

  4. Stacy says:

    P.S. We gave my son the Rango Wii game for his birthday present (two days before)and he wore the red hibiscus Hawaiin shirt at his party that I ordered from Hawaiin Islands Paradise (

  5. AWESOME – Thanks for sharing !!!

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