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Raskullz – 3D Helmets the kids will LOVE to wear

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Kids Helmets just a whole lot cooler to wear thanks to Raskullz for bringing us these New Sweet & Gnarly 3D Helmets.

I cannot tell you how I wish these 3D Helmets were out when my kids were young, it would have made getting them to put one on so much easier. I give BIG Kudos to Raskullz for creating these amazing helmets that will not only keep the kids little heads safe, but look extremely cool while doing so.

So say goodbye to the days of fighting with them to put their helmet on before riding their Bikes, Skateboards or wearing their Skates. Something tells me if they have one of these Raskullz Helmets they will have it on before you even have to ask.

I had never seen these helmets until today when my sister in law uploaded a picture of her in one on Facebook as she was shopping at Wal-Mart. When I saw it I was immediately like “What is that?” and I knew I had to find out because it was one of the coolest helmets I had even seen for kids and I knew I had to share it with all of you as well.  So a Thank You goes out to my sister in law for being the fun goofy person she is and modeling one of them for us !!

A Statement from Raskullz:

Safety Statistics

-Riding without a proper helmet increases the risk of a serious head injury or fatal crash by 14 times.

-The risk of a brain injury is reduced by 88% when wearing a proper helmet.

-The risk of a fatal bike crash is reduced by 75% when wearing a proper helmet.

With these statistics it is no wonder why Raskullz designed their helmets to exceed all current safety standards. Raskullz Helmets are designed to be as safe as they are cool looking, complying with U.S. ASTM and CPSC standards for bicycle helmets. In the unfortunate circumstance where an accident occurs, wearing a proper helmet can literally be a lifesaver. Half of the battle is getting the child to wear the helmet, which is why Raskullz designed helmets that a child will WANT to wear. Hence the Raskullz Helmets mantra: Protect the head, inspire the imagination.

Raskullz has an exclusive line of toy-inspired characters that carries through all their products which you see on the Helmets. You will also see them on an upcoming line of Protective Gear, Bike Accessories, Scooters, and Bicycles.

The current Characters are: Go-Rilla, Cutie Cat, Brainy Bunny, Shark Attax, T-Rad Rex, Giddi Yup, Buggin’s, Radgon, Sparkle Heart and McChewsy. Oh and I cannot forget the Mo Hawk.

Now take a look at these AWESOME Helmets available:

OMG How cool are they? The hard part will be choosing which one to buy. My personal favorite has to be the Cutie Cats. What a fun gift to give a child don’t ya think?

You can find these starting to fill the shelves in your local Toys Stores or buy them online at

Amazon HERE.

Helmet Features:

  • Molded 3D Helmet Design
  • Shock absorbing EPS inner Shell
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Aerodynamis Cooling Vents
  • Radical Protection & Design Perfection

They are available for ages 3+ and also 5+ – now when will they make some for 40+ (oh no did I just write that – lol)

Also stop by Raskullz Website to learn more about the characters and to watch for additional items in this product line.

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