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Recipes for Homemade Bubbles and Cool Bubble Wands

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Have some fun with Bubbles and save yourself some money by making your own at home. Bubbles are great for all ages and setting up a Bubble Station at your Kids Birthday Party is so much fun too.

We are HUGE Bubble fans in my house and we always have them on hand. The kids are not the only ones that love to make Bubbles, you will find me out there right next to them with my very own wand  in hand. In addition to the kids my one dog Rosco goes nuts over them and jumps super high so he can Pop and Eat them.

The picture you see to the left is of my Nephew just this past Easter in my yard. Nana brought all the kids these Cool Bubble Wands

that looked kind of like Swords. I was truly amazed at how well they worked and they made tons of Bubbles. BUT the container only held so much Bubble Juice so being the wand worked great we will be refilling them back up with some Homemade Bubbles.

Here is the Recipe I use for our Homemade Bubbles:

  • 2/3 Cup of Joy Dishwashing Soap
  • Gallon of Water
  • 2 to 3 Tbsp of Glycerin (You can find this at your local Pharmacy)

Mix it all up and you are good to go. To store just place your Homemade Bubble Solution into Gallon Jugs – Like washed Milk Containers or Water Containers so you have it on hand to re-fill those smaller containers for the kids.

To create a Bubble Station at your next Party there are different ways you can do this. One thing I have done in the past was fill up a large Bucket with my Bubble Solution and I stuck in there a nice variety of Large Bubble Wands

(Long Ones). Then the kids could just pick up a wand and dip and make Bubbles.

You can also purchase a bunch of Bubble Wands (Swords) like the ones pictured to the left (Picture via Belly Feathers) and add pretty Ribbons and Tags and let the kids all take one to use at the party and then they can bring them home as part of their Party Favors. BUT make sure to have your Homemade Bubbles on hand to refill them during the party as well as before they leave so they go home with a full wand.

You can go as far as creating your Own Personalized Bubble Containers with each of the guests name on them. To do this just purchase your regular Bubble Containers, peel off the labels and using a Permanent Marker write on their names. You can add Ribbon to the Bottles to dress them up or purchase Custom Personalized Bubble Bottle Labels


Bubbles are just so much fun and the kids will keep busy Making them and Popping them. Also make sure to have your Camera Handy to capture some very cool photos with the Bubbles in the air – that is my favorite part.

You can even make your own Bubble Wands. Take those old Wire hangers and recycle them into Bubble Wands. Bend them like the picture shown to the left using a pair of Pliers. You can wrap the Handles with Duct Tape so that the end of the wire does not bother your child’s hand. There are so many fun Duct Tape patterns out there that you can really have some fun with the colors too.

Another really easy and inexpensive way to make some Bubble Wands is to create them from Pipe Cleaners as seen in my photo to the left of some that I created. Just Bend & Twist and that is it.  You can make fun shapes or just circles. If you want to make the handle sturdier then just twist the pipe cleaner around a Popsicle stick and tape it on.

Of course there are many other ways to create Bubble Wands like using String and one of the most recent things I have been seeing is making them from Copper Wire which looks really pretty.

But now I have to show you a couple of my Personal Favorite Bubble Wands you can purchase.

Check these out:

Zome Crazy Bubbles

Zome Crazy Bubbles

Discover a different bubble world by creating bubble 3-D squares, helixes, banana shapes, and even a four dimensional hypercube with the Zometool Crazy Bubble kit. With this Bubble kit you will not only create all kinds of bubble-tastic shapes, you will also learn the basics of bubble science. That is right Bubble Science – How cool is that?

The Big Bubble Thing

The Big Bubble Thing

This Bubble Wand is amazing and I know because I have one myself. It is just Fabric Looped through a wand that can create Giant Bubbles about 30-40 Feet Long. It takes some practice to get use to it, but when you do it truly is magical.

So what do you think – Will you be making some Bubbles?

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