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Reindeer Hand and Footprint Pillow Craft

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Here is a fun craft idea you can make in a pinch to gift to a family member or even make for yourself using the kids Hand and Footprints.  Creating these Reindeer Pillows is a lot of fun and they make great keepsake memories.

I made these pillows for my sister last year for Christmas from my kids. They were so EASY to do and if you need a last minute gift you can make them rather quickly. Now I sewed my pillows using fabrics I had – one side was a Tan Material and the other was a Country Plaid, BUT you can even purchase pillows already made to do this as well.

Here is what you will need to create a Reindeer Hand and Footprint Pillow:

  • Material and Stuffing for your Pillow or a Pillow from the store already made
  • Brown, White and Black Fabric Paint

**Note: You can use Red Fabric paint if you want to make Rudolph and you can also Glue on Googly Eyes if you do not want to paint them. I also added a piece of fabric from the fabric I used on the back to create a bow at the bottom and added a Button in the middle (hard to see in the photo). **

So all you do is pour some of your Brown Paint on a disposable plate and get the kids to step in it and then on the Pillow to create their Footprint in the middle. I had them do this before I stuffed it, but if you are using a pillow already made just make sure it does not slide. Next have them dip their hands into the paint and make the antlers next to the footprint. Let that dry.

Once that is dry you can paint on your Eyes and Nose or Glue on Eyes and a Nose and add any other decor you want. EASY Peasy !!

I love making gifts with Handprints and Footprints, they make the best keepsakes no matter what age.

Here is a picture showing the back one of the pillows. Now I think my Antlers (Handprints) Should have been up a big higher, but my kids footprints were very big and that is how they fitin on the pillows.

I originally got the idea for these pillows from 24/7 Moms and as you can see their Antlers were in a much better place. I still think mine turned out cute though.

So are you ready to make some Keepsakes or what?

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