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Reusable “Plastic” Cups and “Paper” Plates made from Melamine

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Eco Friendly is the way to go so when I saw these Reusable Plastic Cups and Paper Plates made of Melamine I just had to share. I think these are a lot of fun and the fact you can use them over and over is even better.

Personally whenever I buy Plastic Cups I tend to use them more than once if I can, but most of the times at a party they just get tossed away. But these Reusable Plastic Cups are Dishwasher safe and are made to be used again just like your everyday cups.

They are available in both Red & Blue and hold 16 ounces and best part – they are virtually unbreakable !!! How fun would these be to trick the guests at your next party, but you need to make sure they know they are not to be tossed !!!

It gets better you can add in some of the Reusable Paper Plates to go along with them which are also made from the same Melamine. They look just like your ordinary Paper Plates, but can also be used over and over and Dishwasher Safe !!

I don’t know about you, but I am really lovin’ these !!!

These also make great gifts and also can be used as fun Party Favors too. Fill a Cup with some Goodies and send it home with the kids along with one of the plates that they can use at home.

You can find these available to purchase at Vat19 along with tons of other really cool Novelty Gifts !!


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  1. Red Cup Living is a new company entirely focused on America’s favorite red party cup! We have clever designs including a 32 oz. cup (gigantic), the iconic 18 oz., shooter cup, wine cup and even a magnetic bottle opener! Our products are BPA, phthalates free and FDA approved. They are dishwasher safe and reusable over and over again! It’s not just a cup. It’s a lifestyle!

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