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Richard Scarry’s Busytown Party Supplies

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The popular children’s book series Busytown by Richard Scarry have now come to the party world with this new line of Party Supplies featuring all the same wonderful illustrations.

Are your kids fans of the Busytown Series? If so a Busytown Birthday Party would be a great way to celebrate their special day. I love parties based on books because there is so much you can do with the theme. So when I saw these New Busytown Party Supplies I got very excited.

Both my kids loved these books and I can remember my daughter had a Busytown Christmas PC Game that she would play all the time. Personally I love all the characters and the way these books are illustrated – it is always busy in Busytown and that is one of the things my daughter loved about the books. She loved to sit and just stare at the pictures as I watched her eyes taking in all the details. So these party supplies just brought back so many memories !!

These Busytown Party Supplies are available here: Busytown Party Supplies and you will find everything you need to match from your Busytown Party Invitations, Busytown Party Favors, Busytown Wall Decals, Tattoos, Stickers, Banners etc… They even have an adorable Busytown T-Shirt for your little one to wear for the party!

One thing that always gets me is that these Busytown Books have been around for so many years – so what took so long to come out with these party supplies. Sometimes I just don’t get it. I would have loved these when my kids were young. But as they say Better Late then Never right?

Being the kids will be of a younger crowd for this party of course you can sit them all down to Storytime and read one of the many Busytown Books available. There are also a ton of Busytown Games on the market that you can have them play too.

Check out some of the great party ideas at Stitch Craft Creations. They had a Busytown Birthday Party for their son and I just loved the Lowry Worms they created for the kids – super cute !! The Handmade Decorations and Busytown Cake was amazing as well. I just love creative parents !!

So what are you waiting for – there is a Party to Plan – so get BUSY !!!

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