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Robot Birthday Party Theme

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Do you have a child who loves Robots? If so why not have a Robot Birthday Party Theme for their Birthday. I absolutely feel in love with these Robot Party Supplies and was inspired to write up a Robot Party. Look how cute they are – they are fun and colorful, what is not to love.

If you purchase the Robot Deluxe Party Packyou will get everything you need for a party of 8, but you can also add in extra items if you are having additional Party Guests. You can also buy the items separately and only pick and choose what you like and then mix in solid colors to fill in the rest.  Here is what you get in the Deluxe Party Pack: 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, 16 napkins, centerpiece, solid-color tablecover, mylar balloon, 18 balloons (3 colors), curling ribbon (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), star confetti and cake candles.

Your Robot Party Invitations are included and there are also matching Thank You Cards as well – I think they are just so adorable !!!

Here are some fun Robot Party Games you can play at the party:

Nuts and Bolts – Go to your local hardware store and buy some Nuts and Bolts that fit together and then a bunch that will be close to that size but will not fit together.  Make sure you have enough of the ones that fit together for each party guest. You will be dividing your party guests into two teams.  You will also divide your nuts and bolts into two piles – having enough combos that work in each pile for the amount of guests on a team. Then mix in a bunch that will not work to make it challenging.  Set up the pile a distance away from the starting line. Then have a bowl set up back at the starting line for each team.  On go the first gusts will run to the pile and try to match a nut and bolt and screw it together, when they have one that matches and it is screwed all together they will run back place it in the bowl and tag the next in line to do the same. The team who can find them all first and have them in their teams bowl wins.

Marshmallow Robot Building – This is a fun activity that is definitely SWEET. All you need is a bunch of Marshmallows – Big ones work best.  You will also need Pretzel Sticks or you can use Toothpicks if you like. Lay out all the Marshmallows on the table along with your Pretzel Sticks or Toothpicks and have the kids build Marshmallow Robots. You can even get some Edible Food Marker Pens for them to draw on Faces, Buttons and Color them in and then they are still safe to eat.

Robotic Moves Freeze Dance – This game will sure bring lots of giggles to the party. This will be played just like Freeze Dance only the kids will have to dance like Robots – maybe you want to show them a Demo of some good Robotic Moves yourself.  All you need is a nice amount of room and some good Party Music to get this game going. Turn on the music and all the guests move like Robots and when the music is turned off they must FREEZE – anyone caught moving is out. Keep playing until you have a winner.

Robot Control – Now this is Fun.  Prior to the party collect a bunch of items like Shoe Boxes, Paper Towel Tubes, Nuts, Bolts, Tape, Markers, Crayons etc… Enough items that it will create a Robot when put together. Make sure you have double and the same amount for each team – mark them with colors so you can tell them apart – Like one set is blue the other is red .  Do not assemble the items. What you will do is break the guests into two teams and each team has to pick their Controller. Then all the other teammates will be blind folded so they cannot see. Then take all your items and mix them up on the floor around your blind folded guests. The controller will then have to guide those gusts into finding their Robot pieces by giving commands to them. It will get crazy being everyone from both teams will be together. They must bring their piece back to the controller and one all the piece have been collected they can remove their blind folds and turn the pieces into a Robot – first team to do that wins !!!

Nuts and Bolts Relay Race – Putting the Nuts and Bolts to more use you can play another game just like a Egg and Spoon Race, but using the Nuts and Bolts.  Have some Metal Spoons – the same for each team with nuts and bolts piled on – the same amount on each. Then break into teams and have a race to set a point where they have to get to the and back to the next guest in line without dropping any nuts and bolts off their spoon. If they do they must start over – continue until one team wins.

Bolt Pile Up – This sounds easier than it is. Have 10 nice sized bolts for each team and a stable table to play. You will also need a minute timer for this.  On go each player will have 1 minute to stack their bolts without any of them falling over. If they complete the task then the next player goes. If they do not they keep playing until they do. First team to get through all the players completing a pile up wins.

Of course you cannot have a Robot Party without some Robot Building right?

Of course you can do Boxes, Paper Towel Rolls and stuff like that, BUT I like the use of metal. So instead save and clean old Cans (making sure there re no sharp edges left) – like Soup Cans, Coffee Cans, Tuna Cans etc.. Have Bottlecaps, old Nuts and Bolts, Wires, Springs, Washers etc… Everyone has this stuff laying around and you can even go to the locale thrifts store and find lots of goodies like old Spoons and Forks etc…. You can even set it up into trays for the kids by Body, Arms, Eyes, Legs and so on. Use a Glue Gun to attach your parts (parents will help with that) and lets the kids use their own imaginations in creating their Robots. They will also double as a fun Party Favor the kids can take home. It also teaches the kids what fun they can have recycling things – gotta love that !!

I came across this great site where they actually turned their Robot Building into a fun game which I think is so creative. You can see how it is played here: Build a Bot Robot Party Favor Game.  The pictures you see here are from their party. They share all the directions on how to play this game which I think just adds another Fun element to the Robot creating and the kids will have a really great time playing it. I love creative minds and this game certainly came from one.

Now for your Robot Birthday Cake I have to share this Unique Cake that I think will take your party to the next level and have everyone talking.  Robot are fun and so is this simple Robot Donut Cake I came across on shotgunsins’ photostream via Flickr. It is just made up of placed Donuts to form a Robot. They added on some fun Candy Waxed Lips and LED Candles for Light up eyes. How cool is that?

You can use any colored frosted Donuts and you can even frost it like you would a cake if you wanted too. I just love how original this is and the kids would go crazy over it because it is definitely not your typical cake by any means. I just recently did a page all about Donut Birthday Cakes you can take a look at – they are so fun and who would have known? Even better they are so simnple and easy to create and everyone loves Donuts.

For your Robot Party Favors you can purchase the matching Robots Party Favor Boxeswhich include Robots favor box, Robots sticker sheet, Robots blowout, Robots notepad, box of primary crayons, glitter bouncy ball, and assorted glow necklace. I really love the box don’t you?

Another fun Favor Idea would be to send the kids home with a Robot Hand Grabber which is a fun toy that allows the kids to grab and pick up things with a Robot Hand. I know my kids loves these as many do. They are fun. You can even play a game using these by seeing how can pick up different items using their Robot Hands.

I hope I was able to give you some fun ideas for a Robot Birthday Party and if you have some you want to share with my readers please do so in the comments below – we would love to hear them.


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  1. Tami says:

    OMG, such cute ideas!! My daughter’s class studies robots last week. I wish that I would’ve seen your ideas for that. Very cute party theme!

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