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Rolling Trick or Treat Bags make it easier on the Kids

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I really wish these Rolling Trick or Treat Bags were out when I was a child it would have made carrying all that candy so much easier. Well these are the newest thing this year in Trick or Treat Bags and to be honest I think they are great.  I cannot tell you how many times I end up carrying the kids Candy Bags when we are out Trick or Treating on Halloween and I know I am not alone.

These are especially great for the very young kids who always get way too much candy to carry. Yes it may seem greedy to have a Rolling Bag to gather your treats in, but people give candy to the kids by the handfuls and it piles up very fast. There are so many fun Trick or Treat Bags on the market and they have come a long way since the days when we just carried Pillowcases Trick or Treating.

I give these Rolling Trick or Treat Bags 2 Thumbs Up !!! Just as I did the Rolling Backpacks when they became popular. I say if it makes life easier – then that is great. Pulling is so much better than carrying any day in my book.

So here are the fun Rolling Trick or Treat Bag Designs Pictured:

  • Betwitching Rolling Treat Bag
  • Happy Pumpkin Rolling Treat Bag
  • Candy Corn Cutie Rolling Treat Bag
  • Pumpkin Kitty Rolling Treat Bag
  • Candy Eating Bat Rolling Treat Bag
  • Jack-o-lantern Rolling Treat Bag
  • Bloomin’ Cute Rolling Treat Carrier
  • Lollipop Princess Treat Rolling Bag

The kids can even use these to carry their Halloween Costumes to School for their Parade if they have one, Bringing Halloween Treats to school, Toys etc… So these cute bags are not just limited to Halloween Trick or Treating at all.

You can find all of these Rolling Trick or Treat Bags at:

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