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Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves – My Newest Product Line

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I am so excited to share with all of you a New Product Line I just added on my website – They are called Roundabouts® Cupcake Sleeves, also known as Cupcake Wrappers. When I first saw these I fell in love with the whole concept which is – Wrap It, Top It and Go… and really it is that Easy. I am also a HUGE Fan of Cupcakes and these bring them to a whole new level.

Roundabouts® Cupcake Sleeves are Decorative Non-Bake Sleeves/Wrappers that have a Self Adhesive Backing that allow you to wrap your cupcake with one of the many great Theme Designs available and turn your Cupcakes into an Edible Showpiece. They are so EASY to use and there are so many to choose from for all Party Themes and Holidays.  You just decorate them using easily found items at your local grocery store. Just Wrap It, Top It and Go.

So no more Boring Cupcakes !!!

These Cupcake Wrappers are sold by the Dozen and each Package comes with an Easy Store Sleeve Case, Handy Quick Reference Guide you can Hang and all the Tips and Suggestions on creating your Cupcake Masterpiece. The hardest part about using these Cupcake Wrappers is choosing which one. You will even see that some of the Cupcake Sleeves can be personalized – How cool is that?

I recently used these at my Son’s Backyard Movie Theater Birthday Party and I created the Popcorn Cupcakes using the Popcorn Tub Cupcake Wrappers and the kids were all amazed.  They looked great and tasted even better. They were a definite HIT.

These Roundabouts® Cupcake Sleeves have been getting a lot of press too and have even been featured in Rachael Ray’s Everyday Magazine, as well as  many others. Exciting right? Rachael Ray calls Roundabouts one of her ‘Everyday Faves for Fun’… “Dessert is a piece of cake when I use Roundabouts® Cupcake Sleeves. Wrap a cupcake in decorative paper (my fave is the ice cream cone!) and frost the top to match.”

Sheri Mersola, the Founder of Roundabouts®, came up with the idea of these Cupcake Sleeves and turned it into a Booming Business and I thank her for that. I think many of you will too when you see just how EASY they are to use and all the compliments you will get at your next party. So Thanks Sheri!!!

Let me name just name a Few of the Cupcake Sleeves/Wrappers that are Available:

  • Popcorn Tub Cupcake
  • Ice Cream Cone Cupcake
  • Hamburger Cupcake
  • French Fries Cupcake
  • Sushi Cupcake
  • Pirate Cupcake
  • Cat Cupcake
  • Puppy Cupcake
  • Santa Cupcake
  • Baby Bottle Cupcake

There are just way to many to list you will just have to see for yourself here on my website:

The Party Animal – Roundabouts® Cupcake Sleeves

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