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Rubber Duck Birthday Party Theme

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Is your child a Big Rubber Duck Fan? Well if they are then this is one Birthday Theme that will be perfect and fun for them.  I think this theme is fun for all ages young and old so let me show you some great Ideas and Rubber Duck Party Supplies to help you put it all together.

These party supplies can be purchased in a party package to save you some money or you can just purchase the pieces you need and fill in with solid colors. They also have the same Rubber Duck design for a child’s 1st Birthday that adds in Happy 1st Birthday and the number 1 on the items. You will also find a large supply of matching items like Banners, Balloons and more.

Now even though the party supplies above do come with matching invitations and thank yous, you may want to use something a little bit more special.  EBay offers a large variety of  Rubber Duck Invitations

you can personalize with your own information and even your child’s photo. A lot of times the sellers will give you the option to print them yourself – which is great for last minute planners.

If you want to make your own invitations I came across this great Rubber Duck Invitation Template you can print and use to create your own invites using construction paper or even yellow foam craft sheets – add on a Googly Eye and you have one adorable invite.

Now if you are feeling really crafty you can take a Rubber Duck Toy and a permanent marker and hand write your party information right on the Rubber Duck and mail it to your guests in a small box. Now how cute and original would that be?

So now lets talk about some fun decoration ideas for the party area. One I really like is using the Rubber Duck Balloon and adding some Clear and Solid Blue Balloons with it to look as though it is floating in Bubbles. Have a couple of these in your party area for that perfect effect. You can also have the Clear and Blue Balloons weighted at different heights and scattered around the room for even more Bubbles. When the party is over have the kids take them home as an extra favor and your clean up is done and the kids think they got something extra – BONUS!!!

Check out this Wall Spout and Handle idea made with Tin Foil and Blue Streamer Water from My Party File.  I think this is so clever. It was taped to the wall about a Tub full of ice and drinks for the party guests and I am sure it was a conversation starter. So easy and simple to do and fun to share!!!

You can also use Rubber Ducks and make a line of them around the house on the floor or even cut out some Duck Feet and make trails on the floor as though they had been walking around. Have some extra fun and make some going up the walls or on the ceiling – that should get some laughs.

Now for a fun craft activity for your guests how about Designing your own Rubber Duck? I absolutely love this!! These Design Your Own Rubber Duckies come ready for you to decorate any way you want. All you need are some willing participants and colored permanent markers. Not only are they BUDGET FRIENDLY at less than $1 each, but the kids will have so much fun creating their own design and they will double as a Party Favor.

Of course we need to talk about some Duck Theme Party Games so let me share some fun ideas I have found that will be just perfect!!!

Lets start off with the Duck Pond Game.

First you need a Inflatable Duck Pond Pool or any child size swimming pool you may already have on hand. Then of course you get some Rubber Ducks, which now you do not have to buy just the plain rubber ducks since there are so many styles to choose from, and this will be the start of what you need to play the game.

Now here is what you do:

You will mark the bottom of your ducks with the numbers 1,2 & 3 using a permanent marker. So lets say you have 2 Dozen Rubber Ducks – You will mark ten with “1”, eight are marked with “2“ and six are marked with “3”   Those numbers will represent Small, Medium and Large Prizes – have one for each number and 3 will be the larger prize.

How to Play:

Children pick a duck and look for the number on the bottom.  Children win the prize that corresponds to the number on the duck.  You can have the prizes displayed to show what prize is won with each number or have a box filled with prizes with the number marked on the front.

Pin the Duck in the Tub

This game is one you can easily create your self and it is played just like Pin the tail on the Donkey. All you need is some Poster Board.  First Draw on a Bathtub and lucky for you you can find step by step instructions on how to draw it at Then you can either cut out circles from blue poster board or construction paper or even draw some on to represent bubbles in the tub. Then what you want to do is make some Rubber Ducks that the kids will have to stick on to the game poster. You can either find some on the internet and print them or cut some out yourself. For the image I used – look here they also offer step by step instructions on How to Draw the Rubber Duck. Simple, Fun and Easy!!!

Duck Waddle Race

If you are lucky enough to have your party in an area where you can have a race then this is a lot of fun and very funny to watch. Before the party make some fun Duck Feet – Family Fun has a great How to you can see Here. You may also want to have some of thee great  Duck Beaks

for the kids to wear too. Also have some balloons on hand that are already blown up. Have the kids put on their Duck Feet and Beaks and then stick a Balloon between their knees and then you can start your race. Get those cameras out as they waddle away. And remember the kids can take home their Duck Beaks and Feet so they also become party of their party favors.

Duck Pinata

Of course you will want to have this adorable Rubber Duck Pinata at the party too. The kids love to the Pinatas. You can even add in fun Rubber Duck Toys, Stickers, Tattoos, Yellow Bouncy Balls etc… By adding in toys you limit the amount of candy – which I think is always a good think. There is so much stuff out there featuring Rubber Ducks that I do not think you will have a hard time finding items to add.

When it comes to your Rubber Duck Birthday Cake you have so many fun options.  One that I really like is the 3D Duck Cake using the Wilton 3-D Rubber Ducky Pan

. It is very easy to do and it is the PERFECT and adorable and will no doubt have your guests talking.

If cupcakes are your thing you can simply make some by baking your favorite cupcake flavor and then take some Vanilla Frosting and color it Blue with Blue Food Coloring. Then place a mini Rubber Ducky to the the top and add some mini Marshmallows around it to represent some bubbles and then you have one cute Cupcake.

When it comes to your Rubber Ducky Party Favors there are so many things you can do. Keep in mind that if you give out some prizes at the party, Had a Pinata, Did the craft – they all become part of your party favor so there is no need to go crazy. Use my party rule here – K.I.S.S. – Keeping it Simple Saves.

Now of course you can go the way of purchasing the matching Just Ducky Party Favor Box that match the party supplies above. Each box includes a Just Ducky sticker sheet, Just Ducky blowout, duck plush, rubber ducky, color dough and cookie cutter. This is adorable and it all matches.

One of my favorite party favors are edible ones and these Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Rubber Duck Treats are just that.  These treats are HUGE and weigh in at 4-5 ounces each, individually wrapped and on a stick and are made Fresh to order. They really are the prefect ending and the kids love them. When I use these for my parties I just add some curling ribbon and a Thank You tag and you are all set. Sometimes I even add in a Juice Box to complete their after party snack. Always remember Less is More and it also helps on the wallet.

I hope I was able to provide you with some fun ideas for a Rubber Duck Birthday Party and if you plan to have one yourself – I hope it is Just Ducky!!

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