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How to Make Scarecrow Cupcakes

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One of my Fall Cupcakes I decided to try my hand at were creating these Adorable Scarecrow Cupcakes.  And I am going to show you how you can create them Step by Step as I made them for my very first time.  I think they came out so cute and I think the kids will love them.

Personally I love the Fall Season and Scarecrows are one of the many things I love about it. These would be great for the Kids Halloween Party, Scarecrow Stuffing Party, Thanksgiving Day Dessert or just a fun Fall Treat to have for them when they get home from School on a Fall Day.

Here is what I used to Make these Scarecrow Cupcakes:

  • Cupcakes of course – I used a Yellow Cake Mix (Any flavor would work)
  • White Frosting
  • Wilton’s Ivory Coloring Gel
  • Brown M&Ms
  • Candy Corns
  • Ice Cream Cones
  • Shredded Wheat
  • Black Decorators Icing

Here are all my Ingredients ready to go. One thing I would change is that I purchased the Frosted Mini Wheats that were Bite Size. I should have gotten the full size, but in my head I was thinking what my kids eat so they did not go to watse. They worked out, but I think if I had the larger ones I would have gotten better Hay Hair on the Scarecrow.

Next I added some of Wilton’s Ivory Coloring Gel to my White Frosting so I would get a nice Natural Tone for my Scarecrows Face. You could probably use some Yellow & Red Food coloring to get a similar tone, but you would have to play with it the combo. Next Frost your Cupcakes.

Now time to get creating… First stick on your Brown M&M Eyes. I actually kept the M side up because I liked the way it looked. Next add on your Candy Corn Nose. Then using your Black Decorators Icing and a thin tip so you can add on your mouth. First start with a basic Smile then add some lines vertically to make it look like stitches. You can also opt to do this using Black String Licorice cut into pieces as well. All up to you.

Let finish him off by taking your Shredded Wheat and adding on his Hay Hairdo. Break it up and stick in pieces to create your hair. My hair was short, so I recommend using the larger Shredded Wheat like I said above.  Add some to the sides and also to the bottom of his face . I cut the back of my Ice Cream Cone so it would sit better on the plate. When I added my Ice Cream Cone to the Cupcake it basically Sat there, but you can add frosting to the bottom and have it so it sticks on. You can also add some frosting inside with some of the colored M&Ms you have left as an added treat for the kids. Once your Ice Cream Hat is on add in some small pieces of the Shredded Wheat like they are sticking out above the Scarecrows Eyes.

That is it – Your Scarecrow Cupcakes are Complete !!! Was that EASY or What?

Plate them up and let the Kids Enjoy – Of course you can eat one too – I did!!!

I added some Fake Fall Leaves to the plate and put them on top and they looked so Festive for Fall.

Maybe you will be inspired to have a Scarecrow Stuffing Party or even a Scarecrow Party Theme – Now that sounds fun and these Scarecrow Cupcakes would be Perfect.


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  1. partybuzz says:

    I LOVE these scarecrow cupcakes! I think I’ll make them for our Halloween party this year. These would work for any fall party. Great idea!

  2. Scarecrow Cupcakes. What a creative, cleave idea. They are just too cute.

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