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Under The Sea Birthday Party Idea

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tri_6037If you are having an Under the Sea Birthday Party, you may want to consider adding some Stuff a Plush Dolphins, Whales and Sharks for the kids activity. Kids get to stuff them by hand and there is no Sewing required. Best Part is that they also double as your Party Favors.

I actually used these for my daughter’s Luau Summer Birthday Party one year. I had all three to offer, but instead of the kids getting to choose which one they would stuff – I turned it into another game. The kids went fishing to determine which one they would get to stuff.

Here is how I created a Fishing Game:

I cut fish shapes out of card stock or poster board and colored them different colors and made funny faces on them.  On the back of each fish I put a number – 1,2 and 3. Then I attached a paper clip onto the fish.

I then took a wood dowel and tied a piece of string to it and on the end I had a magnet.  I then put all the fish in a kiddie pool. The kids then went fishing by catching a fish with the magnetic fishing pole.

After everyone went fishing and had caught their fish I had boxes with the Stuffable Dolphins, Whale and Sharks – numbered to match the fish. So anyone with a fish with the number 1 got to stuff a Dolphin, Number 2 got to stuff a Whale and Number 3 got to stuff a Shark. The kids had so much fun doing this and there were no arguments on who got to stuff what.

If you would like to Order Stuffable Dolphin, Whales and Sharks or other Plush Under the Sea Friends for your next party then just visit our Website:

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  1. Warnner says:

    nice idea i like to this one i also want to celebrate birthday like this…thanks again

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