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Shaving Cream Party Activity – This is Fun & Crazy

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Looking for a Fun and Crazy Party Activity that is inexpensive, fun and totally UNIQUE? Then look no further because I am about to share one with you right here.

So when I was planning daughter’s Doodle Art Party and coming up with some quick last minute activity ideas I came across one that involved shaving cream.

The original idea was to spray down a surface (in my case a folding table I had) with Shaving Cream and then take different colored food coloring and put drops on top and let the kids have fun swirling it around to create pictures and colors.

Well that was the original plan and it sounded like fun and something different. Well what happened next when I broke out the supplies for this activity was much different than I expected and it turned out to be much more fun than I even thought for everyone…

Here take a look at what I am talking about:

My plan started off in the right direction, I broke out the 6 cans of Shaving Cream and gave them each one to cover the table. I got to put one dot of food coloring on the table when all of a sudden a shaving cream fight started. Of course when that happened I stepped back and just let them go.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun they had doing this. They kept busy for quite some time and by the end when they were done they were covered head to toe in shaving cream.

Things they learned from this:

Shaving Cream is not fun in your eyes and it tastes gross.

No one was harmed and I had towels handy to wipe eyes when needed.

Clean up was super easy as well – I had the hose out and hosed them down and then they jumped in the pool.

Next best part was the photo ops, here see for yourself…

Do they all look they were having a blast or what? Well they were. So sometimes when things do not go as planned sometimes they go even BETTER. In addition to that they will never forget this party every time they look at shaving cream – just they way I like it to be.

The Party Animal strikes again !!

Now that was fun and that is me in the picture – they got me on the nose. Before I washed away all that shaving cream fun I was left with some shaving cream angels they made all over the lawn too.

Cost for all this fun: $7.oo ish for just 6 cans of cheap shaving cream from Walmart.

Stay Tuned for more fun ideas from the party coming soon…..

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