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Let the kids have Shirley Temple Drinks at the Party

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When I was a child I absolutely loved to order a Shirley Temple Drink when ever we were out at a restaurant.  It was my very own fancy drink that was alcohol free obviously, but fancy and made me feel a bit grown up.  My kids now get them and also love them. They are the prefect drink to serve at your next party –  They are so easy to make as well.

I was thinking about these recently because my maraschino cherries fell off of my fridge door and broke – the smell of those cherries brought back the memories of the Shirley Temples I love so much. Yes I was sad to see my cherries go to waste as they laid on the floor in a big sticky mess – that was no fun to clean up – but it smelled good.

First some History from WiseGeek:

A Shirley Temple is a sweet, non-alcoholic drink named after the child actress Shirley Temple. The drink was invented for Shirley by a bartender in Beverly Hills, CA. The bartender worked at Chasen’s restaurant, a place Shirley Temple often frequented as a child. Since she clearly could not drink alcohol, Chasen’s sought a drink that would appeal to Shirley’s young palate, and the Shirley Temple was born.

The original recipe called for two parts ginger ale, one part orange juice and about a teaspoon to tablespoon of grenadine. It was usually garnished with a cherry and possibly an orange slice. While the cherry remains, and is many children’s favorite part about the Shirley Temple (definitely mine and I always added extras),  most modern versions of the drink don’t include orange juice.

I also do not remember Orange Juice being in mine either and this is the recipe I like:

Have a Fun Cup or Glass Filled with Ice

Add in some Ginger Ale or Lemon Lime Soda

Approx. 1 1/2 tablespoons Grenadine Syrup or till it looks and tastes good

Add in some Maraschino Cherries – one will not do – Don’t be stingy!!!

The number one must have in any Shirley Temple besides Cherries is a Paper Drink Umbrella

and of course a Straw.

So give this a try at your next Birthday Party or Pool Party – Ok any Party for that matter or how about just for Fun. Be prepared to make more and more the kids really do love them and so do I!!!


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  1. AM says:

    Fizzy and Fun!!

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