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Simply Spray Fabric Paint Tie Dye Party Kit Review

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The Simply Spray Fabric Paint Tie Dye Party Kit is a less messy alternative for creating a Tie Dye Effect on Fabrics to use at your party.  It’s Tie Dye the Easy Spray way – come see what I mean.

My daughter’s recent party was a Groovy Tie Dye Theme and of course we could not have a Tie Dye Party with no Tie Dye right? So I decided being it was a Sleepover Party as well that I would get the girls all extra large T-Shirts that they could Tie Dye and wear as night shirts later that night and take home as part of their party favors.

I got my White T-Shirts at Micheal’s Craft Store on sale for only $2.50 each – not bad !! I knew all the girls sizes that were coming to the party and made sure to get them each a T-Shirt that would be big on them so they could use it as a night shirt. I pretty much went 2 sizes up from what they normally wear. It is also important to get fabrics that are 100% Cotton when using any dyes – so keep that in mind.

When it came to the Tie Dye part of the planning I knew I did not want to go the old school Tie Dye method of using the Dyes and Rubberbands – for me that is way to messy for a party ( just me – I like Easy). I knew about Simply Spray Fabric Paint

and their Tie Dye Party Kits and the company hooked me up with the products for the party so I can do a review and share it with all of you.

So come along as I show you what the kids and I thought about it and how they all turned out….

So here is the Simply Spray Fabric Paints I received. I had two Tie Dye Party Kits which each consisted of 6 Colors – Poppy Red, Blue Jay, Brite Orange, Brite Yellow, Spring Green and Deep Purple – Each Kit will do approx 24 T-Shirts.. I also received some additional cans of  Pinks, Black and their newest Simply Spray Glow in the Dark Fabric Spray. I was really excited about the Glow in the Dark since we were making night shirts !!! And this is just a small sample of all the colors Simple Spray has available.

Being it is Summer we made our shirts outside. I did buy plastic tablecloths for this to lay on the grass, but it was too windy out so the girls just laid their shirts right on top of the grass. If you are doing this activity in the house be sure to have something to cover the table.

You also do not need gloves since this washes right off your skin using Soap and Water – yet another bonus !!

This is how EASY these are to do – all you do is simply Twist, Scrunch or Fold your T-Shirt and Spray. The girls did this will lots of different colors until they got the look they wanted. I let them go free with how they wanted to create their shirts vs. doing any set designs. Then they each took the Glow in the Dark Fabric Spray and added some of that on their shirts as well.

I also liked the fact that I did not need to put anything in between the shirts – for us the colors did not run from front to back and the girls designed both sides of their shirts. My daughter actually made a big peace sign on the back of hers.

They had so much doing this activity and guess what? No Mess !!! Wooo Hoooo

I then just hung their shirt on the line to dry – they really were not too wet at all. You also do not have to heat set these either – they dry completely in less than 1 hour and you can wash them within 72 hours.

So when it came time to getting in their PJ’s the girls put on their new Tie Dye Night Shirts and best part was when we turned out the lights because where ever they sprayed the Glow in the Dark Fabric Paint – it glowed !!

If you are planning a Tie Dye Party and want to create some Tie Dye Shirts I say this is the way to go if you do not want the mess.

You can find the Fabric Paints and Party Kits being sold on Amazon here:

Simply Spray Fabric Paints

Or you can also get them at your local craft store, but don’t forget your 40% Coupon which most offer.

But wait there is more….

Stop by Simply Spray Fabric Paints main website where you will find tons of  fun ideas, tutorials and How to videos.  In addition to that they also offer Fabric Paints you can use to re purpose your old faded furniture and their newest Spray Blood that can be used on Fabrics and Plastic. WoW !!!

Stay Tuned for the entire Groovy Tie Dye Birthday Party Post coming soon…..

The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


4 Responses to “Simply Spray Fabric Paint Tie Dye Party Kit Review”
  1. Ting says:

    Hi, great idea! Do you know how the T-shirt sizes run at Michael? I can’t find a size chart on the website & there isn’t a store near me so I need a comparison against the numerical sizes. Thanks in advance; I’m looking forward to more articles!!

  2. I am not really sure – I am so sorry. I just hold them up and go for it by eye

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