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S’mores Snowman Treats are Yummy for all Ages

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Are you familiar with the S’mores Snowman Ornaments? These are some of my favorite Christmas Ornaments and I have a bunch of them. This year I decided to create an edible version because they always look so yummy hanging on the Christmas Tree. These would be a perfect treat for your Holiday or Christmas Party and everyone will love to eat them, Kids and Adults.

So of course I will show you Step by Step How EASY they are to create, as I always do, and hope that you make some this year too !!

Here is What I used to Create my S’more Snowman Treats:

So here is the majority of my Supplies ready to go. Each S’more Snowman will require – 2 Marshmallows, 1/2 Graham Cracker & 1/2 of a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar. For my Snowman Noses I had some Orange Gummy Candy on hand – think they may have been Orange Swedish Fish, I just cut some small Carrot Shaped (Triangle) Noses from those. The Make n Mold Decorating Bottle is just a plastic bottle I purchased at the Craft Store and is used for Decorating with Melted Chocolate. This is what I use to create my Chocolate Snowman Arms.

So fist you want to create that cute Snowman Face on your Marshmallow. To do this take your Black Edible Food Marker and Make your Eyes, then your Dotted Mouth. Then using a Dab of White or Vanilla Frosting as Glue add some to the back of your Carrot (Gummy) Nose and stick on. Now your Snowman Face is complete. Easy Enough?

Place a piece of Wax Paper over a Clipboard or Book so you can create your Snowman Arms. I decided to make mine from Chocolate because I liked the way it looks, if you want you can always use thin pretzel sticks. So to make the Snowman Arms using the chocolate just melt your Chocolate Wafers in your Decorator Bottle. Then pipe out some arms onto your Wax Paper. TIP: Make lots of Arms – they are fragile and some may break when assembling later, so best to have too many than too little.

Once you have done that you need to stick them into the Freezer to Set – takes about 5 minutes. When they are done take your Marshmallow Body and make a slit using a knife in both sides for the arms to stick in. Then carefully peel off your arms and gently place into your Marshmallow. The stickiness of the Marshmallow should hold them in place.

Now it is time to Assemble – My favorite Part!!! Take some of your Melted Chocolate and place on the top of your Graham Cracker, then stick on your Hershey Bar Piece. Place another small Blob of Chocolate in the Middle for your Snowman on the Chocolate part. Then taking a toothpick insert it into the Bottom of your Marshmallow Snowman and then Place on his Head. Stick on top of your Chocolate Bar and you have created your S’mores Snowman – Is he cute of what? Almost too cute to eat !!!

Now how cute will these guys look on your Holiday or Christmas Party Table?

Now this year as I take out my S’mores Christmas Ornaments and hang them on the tree I can eat some at the same time and can avoid all that drool on my shirt – lol.

If you make some yourself I would love to see a Photo so I can share it here with my readers !!


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  1. SEOmimic says:

    Great post, look at your blog every time there is a new harvest, thanks for sharing

  2. Ann Trace says:

    I LOVE these, my daughter is having a Christmas party and her friends will love this. Great timing !!

  3. You are welcome = Enjoy – super cute and so easy !!!

  4. Awww Thanks – Have so many cute things coming so keep watching…..

  5. These are so cute! LOVE them!

  6. Great posting. I really liked it.

  7. Kelly M says:

    That is just precious! You rock.

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