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Have Fun in Blue with these Smurf Costumes

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Does Halloween make you Blue? If not it just has because you can dress up in one of many Smurf Costumes

. Yes Smurfs are making a comeback and this Halloween you will probably be seeing Blue – Smurfs that is.  With the New Smurfs Movie coming to theaters 2011  they have begun to release all the new Smurfs Merchandise including a new line of Smurf Costumes.

Isn’t that Smurftastic? Well I think so since the Smurfs Cartoons were one of my favorites growing up as a child. Will I be dressing as a Smurf this year? Maybe since there are Smurf Costumes in all sizes from babies to Adults – we will just have to wait and see if I am feeling Smurfy. I wonder if they have a Party Smurf?

So what Smurf Costumes are available?

  • Smurf Costumes – Your Basic Blue Smurf and even a Baby Smurf Bunting Costume for your infant – love that
  • Smurfette Costume
  • Papa Smurf Costume
  • Gargamel Costume
  • Smurf Masks
  • Smurf Dog Costume – Wow your Dog can even be a Smurf

You will even find lots of other Smurf Costume Accessories

too like Smurf Hands, Smurf Shoe Covers, Smurf Hats, Smurf Rubber Nose and you can even find a wonderful Yellow Smurfette Wig. You can use these with the full Smurf Costumes or pair them up with a solid colored Blue Sweat Suit and still look like a Smurf.

Also out are Smurf Masks that are based off of the New Smurfs Movie. You can find a mask for some of our favorite Smurfs like Hefty Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Jokey Smurf, Grouchy Smurf and of course Papa Smurf. I think I would be a cross between Jokey Smurf and Grouchy Smurf – Hmmm That would make me a Jokey Grouch Smurf.

Of course if you are dressing up like a Smurf it is all about being Blue. You will also find some Blue Smurf Make Up

that will help you do just that. This Smurf Blue Make Up is a must have for your Smurf Costume. This is a cream make up that is water washable – so you will not be Blue forever.

You can also find a large variety of New and Used Smurf Costumes on Ebay along with Vintage Smurf Costumes, Masks and Accessories. So if you are looking for some unique Smurf Costumes then check out what EBay has to offer here: Smurf Costumes on Ebay


I also have to share this other Fun Smurf find that could make for a fun Simple Smurf Costume. How about a Smurf Body T-Shirt

? This is very cool. The Smurf Body is on the shirt ready to go. Use some of the Blue Smurf Make Up and a Smurf Hat and you are ready to go.

This shirt is just fun anytime of year and I am sure it will get you a lot of attention no matter where you are.  I think I may have to get one of these for myself to wear. I love it !!!

So this Halloween I say it is time to get “Smurf’d”  The whole family can be one – is that fun or what?

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