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Smurf Party Food Ideas

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Lets talk about some Smurf Party Food Ideas for your Smurfs Birthday Party. I am going to share with you lots of fun Smurfy Treats for inspiration right here !!

I am sure you heard that The Smurfs are making a comeback in their New Smurfs Movie and also because I cannot stop talking about it here on my blog.  I feel like such a kid myself being so excited for this, but I just cannot help it – I LOVE Smurfs !!!

So I figured I would dedicate an entire post to some fun Smurfy Treat Ideas. This post will be a work in progress since I know there will be many more creative ideas out there once the Movie Hits that I will add on including some of my own creations.

If you have a SMURFTASTIC Treat that you would like added on just Contact Me and I would be happy to share it !!

When it comes to your Smurf Food you should have a of couple best friends helping you out and those are your Blue Food Coloring Bottles

. You have your basic liquid Blue Food Coloring and also some Royal Blue Food Coloring Gel (Icing Color). Both of these will be helpful in creating your Smurf Food since it is all about BLUE.  Pretty much anything can be turned Blue using either one of these – so keep that in mind and have fun with it. The best is the reactions from the kids when they see their food colored Blue.

Berries !! You have to have some Berries at your Smurf Party. If you are a fan of the Smurfs you know that they love their Smurfberries. Gourmet Trading Co. is bringing the Smurfs to their packages of California and Oregon Blueberries, but if you cannot find them no BIG deal – they are just Blueberries. You can offer a mix of any Berries – Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries and even Cherries. Set them out in bowls or use them as toppers to top off some of your Blue Treats. Best Part is they are a Healthy Treat for the Kids !!!

NOTE: I always say that parties are not the time to serve food the kids may be unfamiliar with. So with that in mind serve food that you know the kids will eat and just change things up with your Blue Food Coloring and you can even label everyday food to go along with your party theme.

Some Smurfy Food Ideas:

  • Blue Jell-O topped with Cool Whip and Smurfberries
  • Blue Drinks – Cool Aid, Blue Gatorade, Blue Milk or any drink turned Blue with Food Coloring  you can even call the drinks “Smurf Juice”
  • Blue Ice Cubes – Make ahead of time using Blue Food Coloring
  • Blue Punch in a Cauldron and call it “Papa Smurfs Elixir”
  • Chocolate covered Marshmallows can be called “Gargamellows”
  • Goldfish can be called “Azrael’s Catch”
  • Blueberry Pie
  • Dips colored Blue
  • Apples – Smurfs are known to be 3 Apples High !! and in the Movie they are in the Big Apple.

You get the idea – Just have fun with it and it will all be Smurfaclicious !!!

Here are some more great Smurf Party Food Ideas for ya !!

Smurf Cookies – These were made by me and I have a Tutorial showing how to make them Step by Step

Smurfy Marshmallow Mushroom Pops

Smurf Berry Parfait

Ruby Tuesday’s Smurf Punch

Smurf Gummi Candy

Radish Smurf Mushrooms

Blue M&Ms

Smurfs Lollipops (Coming Soon)

Smurfberry Cobbler – My Sista Peep just made this dessert for us and it is a delicious addition to your Smurf Party Menu and very EASY to make too !!

Smurf Cake PopsHow great are these ? These are made to order so no worries that you have to try and make them yourself – lol

As I stated above this post is a work in progress and as I find more Smurf Food Ideas I will add them on and once again if you have any you have created Contact Me and I will be happy to add them to the list as well.

Check out my Big Smurf Birthday Party Post full of Smurfy Ideas here:


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  1. Sandra says:

    So cute! Didn’t think there was still so much you can find in Smurfs!

  2. U better believe it – keep watching !!!

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