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Smurfs Happy Meal Toys coming to McDonalds July 29th

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Smurfs Happy Meal Toys are due to hit McDonalds the same day the Smurfs Movie releases in theaters July 29th 2011.

Guess who will be having McDonalds on that day? Me !! I know I know crazy right? But I am such a fan. McDonald’s will have 16 Smurf Figurines set to go and they will go fast as all the popular Happy Meal Toys do. Will I get all 16? probably not, but I would be happy with a few of them.

So make sure to stop by McDonalds on your way to the Smurfs Movie with the kids and get your Happy Meal. Not only will they get a Smurfs Figure, but their bellies will be full and it will save you from having to buy all that Popcorn and Candy – Double Bonus !!

So here is the Smurfs Movie Happy Meal Toy Line up:

1 Papa Smurf with stargazer

2 Smurfette with orange flower

3 Handy Smurf  Holding Saw and a removable board

4 Baker Smurf leaning on a rolling pin.

5 Clumsy Smurf  holding a yellow magic wand

6 Brainy Smurf  holding a black walkie talkie

7 Farmer Smurf  with shovel and a red bird

8 Gutsy Smurf  in marching pose with his Scottish kilt

9 Jokey Smurf  balancing on a yellow and red gift

10 Painter Smurf  with painters pallet and paintbrush

11 Greedy Smurf carrying  smurfberries

12 Hefty Smurf  lifting apple weights

13 Grouchy Smurf with pink butterfly on his nose

14 Vanity Smurf  holding mirror

15 Chef Smurf with tasting from his spoon

16 Panicky Smurf with knee pads and worried expression

Now that is a lot of collecting and Happy Meal eating huh? Nah remember you can buy just the toys if you do not want the meal and you can also find all of these Smurfs Happy Meal Toy Sets and even the Vintage Happy Meal Toys from the past all being sold here on Ebay.

Now is it me or is Panicky Smurf a new one? I never heard of him before – have you?

If you are planning a Smurfs Party these would make great Party Favors or if you are having the party while they are still at McDonald’s then why not get all the party guests a Happy Meal?

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