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A Smurftastic Smurfday Party

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Smurfs have made a big comeback since the Smurfs Movie hit the big screen and the Smurfs have gained lots of new little fans wanting a Smurf Party Theme.  I am happy to share with you a Smurfday Party by one of my readers for her little Smurf Fan that is full of Smurftastic Ideas.

My Party Peep Eileen from Behar Party Designs went above and beyond creating a special Smurfday for her 3 year old son Nicky.  I was so happy that she has allowed me to share the details and her amazing crafty creativity from this party with all of you. I am a HUGE Smurf Fan, as you know if you follow me, and this party looked like so much fun. Now let me show you all the Smurfy details….

Here is what Eileen had to say…..

My son, Nicky’s, 3rd birthday party was going to be a Smurf themed party and became affectionately known as a “Smurfday” party.  I am not one for store bought items for parties and the only party decorations out there for The Smurfs were the ones relating to the recent movie.  Being a child of the 1980’s (like Nicole, The Party Animal), I LOVED the smurf cartoons and wanted it to be a mix of new and old.  I think it turned out pretty “Smurftastic” if I do say so myself.

The banner was made from a template I created myself:  I just took the plastic Smurf Cake Topper image you can find on the internet & enlarged it with a copy machine to the size I wanted.  I then cut the hat and face portion separately and traced them onto the appropriate colored paper.  They were adhered together with packing tape.

This is the image Eileen used to create the Banner.

The Smurf wreathes were made from tulle cut into sections and tied around the wreath frame (one was metal and one was Styrofoam).  The hat portion of the wreath was made from felt and hot glue, a free handed cut out and stuffed with batting.

Are these not the cutest things you have seen – these Wreaths blew me away – just GENUIS !!

The NICKY display on the fireplace happens to be my favorite!  I took the Smurf figures from McDonalds and placed them in my backyard grass where some wild mushrooms were growing.  I took a marker and colored some spots on them and took some pictures.  I then used a graphic program to border the pictures, make larger and put the letters on.  They are displayed in acrylic  frames.

The centerpieces – the Smurf movie one with the “3” on it was hole-punched around the circle and tulle tied through the holes, with some self-adhesive stones to cover the holes.  The larger one on the display buffet (pictured above below party banner) was made from a flat round green wreath floral foam and tulle tied around it as well.

I love the Nicky Banner – when Eileen was creating this she sent me a sneak peek of one of the photos from the shoot. This photo is now my Desktop on my computer. I just love all the creativity and I am not even done showing the rest….

For the party games I had a Smurftastic Coloring corner where I had crayons and Smurf Coloring Pages I printed from the web.

We also did pin the daisy on Smurfette game.  I just enlarged the picture (as I did my other images) using the following website: Blockposters.  I then found daisy images and cut them out to use for pinning.

I made up a Scavenger hunt game from scratch and found images on the web to cut out, paste onto cardstock and apply a craft stick to.  These were hidden in my front yard.  I read each hint/clue to the kids and showed them the item that they were looking for and they went hunting.

We also did the “guess the number of Smurfberry kisses” game.  I created the poem and tent card and the winner got to take home the jar of kisses (they were the white chocolate cookies and cream -yummy…oh yes, and there were 145 in the jar).  Someone guessed the number EXACTLY!!!!!

And there was also a Bouncy House which I named Gargamel’s Bounce Castle.

Do these Games and Activities sound fun or what? I really wish I could have gone to the party and played – lol I think I would have hogged the Bouncy House and made the kids mad.

The favor bags are a simple free mushroom house clipart, printed large enough to cut the top and the door to adhere to basic white lunch bags.  Inside the favor bags were craft mugs that I made Smurf inserts for, craft buttons (same thing – made inserts), mushroom spin tops, rings and erasers – all bought from Oriental Trading.  The Smurf magic towels were purchased from a local Dollar Tree.

Are those the best Smurf Party Favor Bags ever? I adore them so much – Eileen is so talented isn’t she?

Even all the Party Food was labeled – too cute !!!

Here are some other pictures from the party. Eileen even made Smurf Shirts for the family – of course she was Smurfette and her hubby was Papa Smurf. ♥ that !!

I think Nicky will definitely remember his 3rd Birthday – don’t’ you?

Eileen did an amazing job creating everything for the party and if you are interested in her making any of the items she used for your Smurf Party you can contact her through her Facebook Page here:

Behar Party Designs on Facebook.

***NOTE: As of 10/28/2011 Eileen is auctioning off all of the Smurf Party Supplies used for her son’s party on her Facebook Page – so if you are interested you better hurry !! ***

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14 Responses to “A Smurftastic Smurfday Party”
  1. Eileen says:

    Thanks so much, Nicole. Looks SMURFTASTIC!!!!!

  2. karina says:

    good day
    do u ship to south africa? i am looking for smurfs stuff for a birthday part
    thank you

  3. Pear Tree Greetings says:

    Love the saying ‘Happy Smurfday” so clever and cute! Looks like it was a fun birthday, thanks for sharing! -Dani

  4. Eileen Behar says:

    Thanks everyone. It was a very fun day. Sorry – I do not ship to South Africa 🙁
    Have a Smurfy Day!
    Eileen Behar Behar Party Designs

  5. one creative diva says:

    lovett all…

  6. dg says:

    I know my kid would love one of these types of parties

  7. That cake is amazing!

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