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Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Party Theme

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Are your kids fans of Sonic the Hedgehog? If they are then you may want to consider throwing them a Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Party and lucky for you I am going to give you lots of great party ideas from beginning to end to help you put it all together right here !!!

First let me say that I am amazed that Sonic has stayed so popular after all of these years. This Blue Hedgehog was first introduced to the world back in 1991 to compete with Mario.  Can you believe that? – boy this makes me feel really old considering I can remember when the Sega game came out.  And Yes I even owned it – OH and I had Mario Too and he is even older than Sonic – Yikes !!! But they are both awesome Video Games that have evolved with the times and have kept the kids (and us Adults) hooked for all these years.  Just amazes me.

So lets get the Party Ideas Flowing….. To get your party guests excited for the party you need to start with some fun invitations.  You will find a large variety of Sonic Party Invitations on Ebay – that is my favorite place to go for some unique invites.

All of the Invitations you see pictured to the right are available on Ebay. The selection of choices is Huge, you will find everything from Sonic the Hedgehog Ticket Style Invitations, VIP Passes, Some you can add a photo of your Child too and more. The best part is that they are all Personalized with your information and a lot of the time you can print them out at home to save time.

For your Party Supplies you will be excited to know they just came out with the Sonic the Hedgehog Party Supplies. Are these great or what? You find both Sonic and Tails featured on these. These can be purchased in a Party Pack or you can just buy some of the items and mix and match some solid colors to save some money. The main colors of this party will be Blue, Yellow and Red.

Also available to match these Party Supplies is the Personalized Sonic Birthday Banner, Sonic the Hedgehog Wall Decals, Sonic Mylar Balloons etc…

I have to share these Fun Unique Sonic the Hedgehog Balloons that I found on Ebay via seller Tony’s Photo Balloons.  These are 12″ Latex Balloons and they offer a bunch of the kids favorite Sonic Characters you will not find anywhere else. They have Sonic the Hedgehog Balloons, Tails Balloons, Amy Rose Balloons and Knuckles Balloons. The Design is featured on both sides and they come in a variety of colors.

Now one other item I have to mention that would be a great addition to your Sonic Party is the Sonic the Hedgehog Standup. This is made from Cardboard and is  45″ high. Not only is this a cool addition to your party decorations, but it makes a great photo op for the party guests. You can also choose to use this for a party game too. You can have the kids Pin a Ring on Sonic by creating some Gold Rings they can try to Pin on his hand.

The best part is your child who is obviously a huge Sonic Fan will get to keep him when the party is over. BONUS !!!

Now lets talk about some Sonic the Hedgehog Party Game Ideas:

Chaos Emerald Search – You will need a bunch of plastic Gems to play this game. You can find them in your local craft store. In the game Sonic must find 7 of them. So in your playing area hide 7 Gems for each child to find. Set up an area that they will need to bring them too – You can have a box for each child or on a table with their name next to it.  On go each child will run to looks for the Chaos Emeralds and when they find one they must run it back to the  Box or area with their name on it before they look for another. The first one to find all 7 of them wins !!! To make it even more challenging you tell them they must be 7 different colors.

Pass the Ring – We all know that Sonic has to collect Rings in the Video Game – so play off of that you can play Pass the Ring. All you need to do is create a Gold Ring which can easily be done using some Cardboard you can Paint Gold.  Then simply play as you would Hot Potato. You can have a Grand Prize for the one who last the longest and to make it fair have a basket of small prizes that can be given to each child as they are out the game.

Sonic Obstacle Race – Have some fun playing off how Sonic the Hedgehog spins really fast and does Tumblesaults. Set up some Big Hula Hops on the ground or Big Rings for two teams. Line the kids up and have them race against each other Sonic Style. First  have to Spin around in a circle for a set amount of time then navigate through the hoops. When through the hoops they must do a Tumblesault turn around and comeback through the hoops to tag the next guest in line. First Team to complete wins. This will be funny since some may get a bit dizzy – so make sure to play on soft ground in case they fall over.

Ring Collection – Before the party blow up a whole bunch of Latex Balloons and insert Gold Rings into them. You can find these small Gold Rings in the Wedding Isle of the Craft Store. When it is time to play throw all the balloons out into an open area. The kids must then Pop them either by sitting on them or Stomping on them to Collect the rings. Which ever guest collects the most rings wins !!!

Sonic Power Ups – Have you ever seen the game where the guests race to finish a Donut hanging on a string? Well for this game that is what you are going to do. Get enough Donuts for each guest and along a clothes line hang each one with string just high enough that they can reach. On go with their hands behind their backs the kids will race to see who can eat their Donut (Power Up Ring) the fastest. Not as easy as it sounds and very funny to watch.

Of course Pinatas are always a Fun game and being there is this Sonic the Hedgehog Pinatait makes it even more perfect. Have some fun with your fillers and add in some extra Gems (Chaos Emeralds), Gold Rings, Blue Candy and Bouncy Balls. You can even find some Sonic Tattoos and Stickers to add in as well.

Be sure to have the party guests spin around for Pinata time for some Super Sonic Pinata action !!!

I also located this Sonic the Hedgehog Bingo Game that would be a lot of fun for the kids to play. The set includes 10 unique Sonic The Hedgehog Bingo sheets and 24 image calling card ‘coins’. (‘Coins’ are made from Cardstock). The Bingo sheets are 8” x 5” per sheet and made from Cardstock. The calling card coins are 1 ½” and also made from Cardstock. Each set is handmade to order. You can order as many cards as you need.

The kids will have a great time trying to get a Bingo from their favorite Sonic Game Characters – Don’t ya think?

I have also created a couple FREE Printable Sonic Party Games you can print out for the party or to even stick in your favors bags. One is called How well do you know your Sonic Characters and the other is a Sonic Crossword Puzzle. Just click on the name of which want you want and simply Download and Print. They are FREE – I love FREE !!!

So now that I have given you lots of Game Ideas for the party we should now move on to the rest of the party – Cakes, Cupcakes and Party Favors.

If you are wanting to make a Sonic Birthday Cake for the party you can find plenty of Sonic the Hedgehog Edible Cake Images on Ebay that can be personalized. These are super easy to use and can just be placed on your Round or Rectangle Cake. Then you just finish off the edges with some decorative icing. These edible images are also available for cupcakes as well. Or you can add some Sonic Action Figures to the top of your cake and there are lots of them to choose from.

But for me I am more a Cupcake Fan at a party and for that I have created these Awesome FREE Printable Sonic the Hedgehog Cupcake Toppers for you.  Just Print them out on Heavy Card Stock Paper, Cut, Add a Toothpick or Craft Stick and tape to the Back and Stick them into a Frosted Cupcake. Of course a Blue Frosted Cupcake would be perfect for your Sonic Party. There are 4 Cupcake Toppers – Sonic, Amy Rose, Tails and Knuckles. You can Choose one or all and yes they are all FREE.

Now lets talk about Party Favor Ideas.  You can find this Sonic the Hedgehog Party Favor Boxavailable that matches the party supplies and includes a Sonic the Hedgehog sticker sheet, an assorted laser disc spin top, 2 Sonic the Hedgehog tattoos, 1 assorted glitter ball, assorted Airheads candy and a black barrel-o-slime in the Cardboard Sonic Box.

Or you can get a little creative with some other favor ideas like this Sonic Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treat which I sell on my main website.  Each treat is Handmade to Order and HUGE in size weighing in at about 4 ounces each. They are Individually Packaged and come on a Stick. Kids love them and being they are so big in size it is a treat that usually takes a couple snack times to finish. You can Tie a Ribbon to the stick with a Thank You Note and you have a perfect Edible Party Favor.

How about pairing the treat with one of the many Sonic the Hedgehog Books available. I love sending the kids home with a book – it is a party favor you can feel good about.

Then one of my favorite finds are these Hand Crafted Sonic the Hedgehog Party Favor Baskets that are super cute. These are handmade with a craft foam material and also the details are hand painted. They are very light and well made. They measure approx.  7″ in height and 7 1/2″ in width. The basket part to put your favors measures approx. 4 1/2″ x 4″ x 2 1/2″. These are 3-d and have a handle to carry it with. I just love those !!!

One more thing you can add in to your favor bags or for a Party Activity are these FREE Printable Sonic Coloring Pages – Enjoy !!!

So I hope I gave you lots of fun ideas to have a great Sonic the Hedgehog Party for your little one. If you have some ideas that I have missed or would like to share your Sonic Party – Just Contact me and I would love to share it with other parents.


15 Responses to “Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Party Theme”
  1. Girls Party says:

    You have given me some great ideas for my husbands 30th next year. He loves Sonic. Thanks

  2. dominic says:

    wow sweet cant wait do do this for my next b-day

  3. Wolfpup says:

    Can people buy these? If so were?

  4. What are u looking for?

  5. Children are amazed with cartoon characters that would surely add colors and fun on their birthday. Perfect setting for a birthday event having these Sonic stuffs all over.

  6. SonicMaster23 says:

    Whoa, you are my best friend! D8 I’ve been planning to throw a Sonic party for a while now, and it’s so hard to find supplies. You have some AWESOME ideas here, and I love the free printables. Thank you so much!

  7. Wooo Hooo I love new best friends !!!

  8. it would be so cool if they ahd a pink sonic theme! pink plates etc would look amazing! such a cool idea though, sonic is timeless and i remember having so much fun playing this game when i was a kid myself!

  9. I wish it came in PInk too – if it does I will have it here !!!

  10. Joanne says:

    Hello – I tried to print the crossword but there is an error when you print that the first two lines do not come out right. Is there any way you cn check this?
    Thnaks my son LOVES Sonic.

  11. Seems to work for me – have you tried again? do you have the latest PDF downloader?

  12. Laura says:

    Thank you for free printable cupcake toppers! Having a Sonic party for my son and this is perfect!

  13. Melisa says:

    WOW! Thanks bunches! My son wanted a Mario theme last year & it was so much fun to do. This year he asked for Sonic(noticing a trend, lol). I was stumped!! The free printables are great & the games are fun. Thanks again!!
    *Another fun game is the typical ring toss, but just paint the rings gold.
    *Two favor/snack ideas 1. Red Licorish-Sonic Hair
    2. Rock Candy-Chaos Emeralds

  14. Alice says:

    Please send a picture of the cool Sonic The hedgehog pineapple and melon skewers so I can utilize as a centerpiece for my son’s party on April the 28th. Thanks. I remember seeing one, but can not locate it now.
    You are awesome.

  15. Kat says:

    These were great. Thank you! I especially liked the links to the free printables!

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