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Space Birthday Party Theme

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space invitationsAre you looking to have a Space Birthday Party Theme that is out of this world? Then let me help you make that happen.

Let start off the party with some Custom Personalized Space Theme Birthday Party Invitations. I always find the best variety of design choices on EBay – you can do Spaceships, Space Shuttles and even Aliens – you can find them all there. The best part is you can personalize them with all your party information and some sellers give you the option to print them out yourself for those last minute party planners.

Astronaut BalloonsThere are many decorations you can choose for this theme as well. I am going to focus on the Space Shuttle and Astronauts. I love the Inflatable Space Shuttles, Mylar Astronaut Balloons, For fun you can add in some of the cool Alien Head Balloonsthat can be used after the party for some fun room decor.

Nebula PunchHere is a fun drink for the party:

Nebula Punch

You will need a 2 liter bottle of lemon lime soda, Large can of pineapple juice, lime sherbet, large punch bowl, fun straws and cups and some dry ice optional).

Note: Add Dry Ice to the punch just before serving for a cloudy effect. Read all cautions – dry ice requires special handling.


Scoop sherbet into balls or cut in cubes: Keep Frozen. Refrigerate soda and juice. Keep dry ice wrapped in freezer until needed. At the time of the party; place sherbet pieces into punch bowl. Add soda and juice. Using a protective mitt, add in a piece of dry ice in the punch bowl and watch the clouds overflow the bowl. To get even more clouds break off the ice crust that forms. Serve the punch in cups with the fun straws. make sure no dry ice is poured into the cups.

Here are some Fun Space Theme Games and Activities you can do:

Moon Rock HuntFind some rocks in various sizes and spray paint them silver. Allowing them to dry completely. Before the party hide the rocks like and egg hunt. On go let the kids find the moon rocks and the winner is the one with the most in the end.

Make Space GoopYou will need 1lb box Cornstarch, 1 1/2 Cups cold water, 1 tsp green food coloring or blue, Large Bowl, wax paper and plastic  bags. Mix it all up until smooth add extra water if needed. Give each guest some wax paper and a glob of goop to play with. When done bag it up and let them take it home.

Catch the CometYou will need 2″ to 3″ Styrofoam balls, Rubber bands (3 per child), 3′ Lengths of metallic colored curling ribbon (2 to 5 per child), Safety Pins. Wrap the rubber bands around each comet ball, secure several ribbons under the rubber bands (do not tie the ribbons to the rubber bands). Attach a comet to the back of each child’s waist by putting a safety pin through one of the rubber bands. On Go have the guest run around trying to grab as many ribbons as they can. The game is over when all the ribbons have been collected. The winner is the one with the most.

This is another fun activity you can do with the kids – have them all taste space food – most kids do not know what the Astronauts really have to eat when they are in space. Here are some fun things they can taste:
Astronaut Ice Cream Space Ice Cream is a dehydrated brick of ice cream that is always ready to eat, with no need to freeze. It also comes in many Flavor choices.

The NASA Space Store also carries a large variety of other Real NASA Space Food like: Space Dinners, Astronaut Cinnamon Apple Wedges, Astronaut Strawberries, Chocolate and Peanut Butter Space food sticks, Space Drinks and more.

Do not forget your Space Shuttle Pinata. This pinata is 24″ and will add a lot of fun to the party.

Now lets move on to the Party Favors. I really love the Space Mission Party Favor Boxes. They come in a very cool Space Shuttle Box. Each spacecraft-shaped box includes a Space Mission sticker sheet, glow star, space glider, spacecraft lollipop, and glow stick.

Some other fun Space Party Favors worth checking out are:

Space Theme Cookie Cutters  – Make some fun cookies to send home with the kids – add a juice box and your favor is complete. They come in a Space Shuttle, Rocket, Star and Moon.

moon rock candySpace Candy – These can also be used to put into your pinata to add to the fun. Space Shuttle Lollipop, Space Shuttle Gummies, Astro Blaster Candy & Air Pump Rocket, Lunar Ice Crystal Candy, Moon Rock Candy, Moon Crater Freeze Dried Ice Cream, NASA Chocolate Bar and more. All can be found at The NASA Space Store.

Be sure to check out the The NASA Space Store they have so many great items for a Space Birthday party and wonderful gifts and educational items.

Here are some fun FREE printable Space Coloring Pages and Activities you can also use at the party. You can also Create your own Space Bingo Game for the party. Here are some fun games from NASA.

space cakeFor your Space Cake – EBay has lots of fun Space Theme Edible Cake Images, Space Theme Sugar Shapes for Cupcakes, Space Theme Cupcake toppers, Picks and Rings and also Spaceship Cake Pans and more.

You can also check out some Space Theme Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treats I sell on my website. They are HUGE yummy treats that are 5 oz come individually wrapped on a stick and made fresh to order. The kids love them and also make great party favors. For more information on these and to see all the design choices CLICK HERE.

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