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Spiderman Birthday Cake

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pics 021I have to share a Spiderman Birthday Cake I made for my son many years ago when he was younger. I just came across the photo and wanted to show you How you can make a Spiderman Birthday cake that is so simple and easy to do. It is nothing fancy or over the top – I made this quickly for our family cake and it was very simple, but had the look it needed to. What is fun is that you can use this same idea and make cupcakes to look the same.

pics 022Here is all I did:

I made a regular 8″ Cake – I took vanilla frosting and dyed it blue with blue food coloring I then made the web design using a thin black cake frosting decorator you buy in the store. Then I added a  Spiderman Birthday Cake Candle in the middle and that is it. You can change the color of the frosting if you want – I chose blue because it worked well and when you dye vanilla frosting with red food coloring it tends to turn a pink color. You can also use a Spiderman Toy Figure for the middle as well and I am sure if you have a little fan you have plenty of those. Let me add that is my son in the photo holding the cake – he is much older now – awwww.

But if that does not work for you there are so many other options – you can get an Edible Spiderman Cake Image, Spiderman Cake Decoration Kits, Spiderman Cake Toppers and if you like to do cupcakes then you can find great Edible Spiderman Cupcake Images and  Spiderman Cupcake Rings. If you display your Spiderman Cupcakes on a Cupcake Stand it will make a great table decoration.

You can also find Spiderman Cake Pans as well. This will give you the shape and then you can decorate from there.  Most of the cake pans, especially the ones made by Wilton, will come with instructions on how to decorate them.

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