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Spoon Cake Toppers – A Decoration and Utensil all in one

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Check out this Unique way to decorate your Birthday Cake. Spoon Cake Toppers serve a dual purpose of  being a Cake Decoration and a Utensil that can be used again and again.

I recently came across these Spoon Cake Toppers and I thought they were a genius idea, especially for 1st birthdays. Yes I know it is tradition to let the 1 year old smash the cake, but not all are happy to do so. Why not give them the option and see what they choose.

It takes me back to my son’s 1st birthday – gosh that was 12 years ago (feeling old) and he did not care to stick his hands in the cake at all. We gave him a spoon and then he dug in, BUT my nephew who was the same age stood on the side of the high chair and stuck his hands right in. It was very funny.

Anyway when I saw these Spoon Cake Toppers that is what I thought about. Obviously they would be fun for any young age to enjoy. What I like about them is that you can stick them in a Cake or even Cupcakes and the guests can take them home as part of their party favor.

The Spoon Cake Toppers are just Character Figurines that sit on top of a Spoon and the figurines are removable so the kids can play with them as a toy if they want.

Here is a list of the Spoon Cake Topper Characters I have found:

  • Harry Potter
  • Elmo
  • Scooby Doo
  • Hello Kitty
  • My Little Pony
  • Star Wars Clone Wars
  • Batman
  • Transformers 3

You can find these for sale here on Amazon.

BUT this idea is so cool that you can really use any fun decorative Child Spoon or Fork to do the same thing.  Just opens the doors for more ideas to stick on top of your Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes right? I really like the idea myself and the fact that it also doubles as a usable Party Favor the guests can take home like I said above. There are tons of  Utensils out there with fun handles so the possibilities are endless !!


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