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Sport Themed Birthday Party Favor Ideas

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Football Water Bottle

Football Sipper Bottle

I came across some very cool Sport Themed Sipper Bottles that are BUDGET FRIENDLY and make great party favors. Send the kids home with something useful vs. a bag full of candy.

The Sipper Bottles come in a Football Design, Soccer Design and a Baseball Design.

The Sipper Bottles are made of Plastic and will hold 9oz and they also have a great handle for the kids to hold.

If you like you can add in some extra goodies like stickers and healthy snack on the inside. Attach a Thank You note to each one saying something like “Thank You for coming to my party it was a Ball” and that is all you need. The kids will be happy and so will the parents.

Soccer Sipper Bottle

Soccer Sipper Bottle

Remember my party rule – “KISS” Keeping It Simple Saves and with just a little bit of creativity you can send those kids home with a Party Favor they can use over and over again and it will not cost you in the end.

Baseball Sipper Bottle

Baseball Sipper Bottle

Visit our Party Store and find a HUGE selection of Sport Theme Party Goods.

Football Themes, Soccer Themes, Baseball Themes and so much more.

Sport Theme Birthday Party Supplies

Sport Theme Birthday Party Supplies


4 Responses to “Sport Themed Birthday Party Favor Ideas”
  1. Donna says:

    Hi there, just wondering what kind of plastic the sipper bottles were made out of and if they are BPA free! Thanks.

  2. Not sure – you would have to check with the manufacturer.

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