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Squishies Pet Friends Pencil Toppers make Great Party Favors

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So a childhood friend of mine told me about these Squishies which are Pencil Toppers that I had never heard of before now. Her daughter Georgia is a huge fan and has a bunch of them already. She said that in the state where she lives that all the kids are going crazy for them.  It is funny how certain things become so popular in one state and then like a wave hits most others states. It reminds me of the Silly Bandz the kids are Crazy about too.

They are really just Cute Little Squishy Pencil Toppers – that is it. What I love about this new craze, just like the Silly Bandz is that they are so inexpensive and make the best Party Favors for the kids. I like it even better that these go on the end of a Pencil so maybe it will inspire them to do some writing or school work – Hey we can all hope right? lol.

The Squishies are sold in Collections and there are many. Each Collection usually has 5 Squishies in it and sell for under $5.00.

Some of the Squishies Collections you will find are:

  • Zoo Mania
  • Sea Mania
  • Jungle Mania
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Limited and Rare Editions

The company who makes these is called Brand Bulk and they are changing the name of the collections over to Pet Friends and will continue to come out with new Collections and Pets for the kids to continue collecting.

For your Party Favor pair these up with some Fun Pencils and maybe a Journal and you are good to go and you can feel good about what you send the kids home with. You can even have a craft where the kids create a Pencil Holder or Make a Journal to take home.


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  1. AM says:

    I want a frog!!!!

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