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Star Trek Birthday Party Invitations and Supplies

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You know with the New Star Trek Movie that a Star Trek Theme Birthday Party will be a HUGE hit with the kids. So I have gathered some of the Best Birthday Party Supplies currently on the market to make this party come to life along with some great game ideas and more for the party.

Lets start with your Invitations:

You can find some great Custom Personalized Star Trek  Invitations on Ebay – Some you can customize with your own photo.

For the invitation you see to your Left you can order that by CLICKING HERE.

Party Games Ideas:

Set up a Starfleet Academy with different games for Cadet Training. Make the kids each a Star Trek Badge and tape it to their shirts.

You can play off the games they have online at the Official Star Trek Movie Website.

Engineering Simulator: It is the duty of a Engineering  Specialist to get the Warp Coil back online before it overheats.  Take a Photo of the Enterprise and cut it up into 12 Squares to form a puzzle. Have each child try to put it back together within a time limit – maybe 3 minutes to completer the mission. Take turns until everyone has had a chance to place or make multiple puzzles so they all play at once.

You have entered an Asteroid Field: It is the duty of the Weapons Specialist to shoot down the barrage of Asteroids and save your crew. For this you can use Tin Foil Balls for the Asteroids. Make a bunch of them maybe 20-30 in different sizes – or use Styrofoam balls.  Break the kids up in teams. Have one team behind a Large Cardboard Box as if they are in the ship. The other will stand in front to protect the ship from the Asteroids. Have 2 parents throw the Asteroids to hit the box and the team in front has to stop them from hitting the ship. In summer you can use water balloons as Asteroids.  The team to have the least amount hit the ship wins.

Rescue the Drifting StarShip: You received a call from the Starship on the edge of a distant worm hole. It is the duty of the Helm Specialist to rescue the Starship and save the disabled craft. So for this you can take a regular Balloon or a Flying Disk. Toss it in the air and do not let it hit the ground. The child who lets it hit the ground sits out and they keep playing until you have a winner. The less kids playing the harder it will be.

Enemy Combat – Search for Nero: Find the sector where Nero is hiding. You can play this like an egg hunt. Cut out a small picture of Nero and hide a few of them in some Eggs and have some empty and hide them. Then let the kids go and see who can find him. You can even play this like Hide and Seek and choose one child to be Nero and have the other kids try and find them.

Red Matter: You can play this like Hot Potato passing around a Red Ball that is considered Red Matter – you do not want to get caught holding this – it will send you somewhere else in time.

Volcun Salute: Teach the kids how to do the Volcun Salute – some can do it and some cannot – it will be funny to see them all try this.

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