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How to Make a Stick Figure Costume using Duct Tape

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If you are looking for a fun Halloween Costume Idea that is Unique and Easy to make then I have one to share that we made for my son last year.  When my son said he wanted to be a Stick Figure for Halloween I did some research on the different ideas out there on How to Make a Stick Figure Costume, but they all had to do with using Glow Sticks.  While I think those are great and fun, I wanted to change it up a bit.

So let me share with you just How EASY and Inexpensive this Stick Figure Costume was to create.

Here is what I used to Create this Stick Figure Costume:

  • White Duct Tape
  • Black Sweat Shirt, Sweat Pants and a Black Baseball Hat
  • Round Cardboard from a Frozen Pizza

First grab some Scissors. Then having the person who will be the Stick Figure put on the Black Sweat Shirt and Black Sweat Pants. Then while they have that on take your White Duct Tape and add a stripe down the Middle of the Sweat Shirt, but at the very bottom of the shirt create an upside down ‘V” that will look like it is attached to the legs (It is not attached, but will look like it). Then while they hold out their arms add on your Tape Arms. Then matching the “V” at the bottom of the shirt add on your Legs.  Simple so far right?

When we were thinking about the Stick Figure Costume Head a couple days prior and wondering how we would create it, we just so happened to be having Frozen Pizza for Dinner. Underneath the Pizza was a Round Cardboard Circle and then the bulb went off in our heads – we would use that. So with an Exacto Knife we cut out the center. Then we covered it with the White Duct Tape – it was perfect. Then we thought how can we attach it. So we found a Black Baseball Hat and taped it to the end and it worked just like we wanted.

That is all it takes to create a Unique Stick Figure Costume and let me say one more thing – the White Duct Tape glowed at night so when my son was walking around all you saw was the Figure. You can also buy Glow in the Dark Duct Tape if you want to as well. This costume was a Big Hit – Unfortunately last year it rained hard on Halloween so the night was cut short. Regardless the Costume was a success and all the kids had fun.


6 Responses to “How to Make a Stick Figure Costume using Duct Tape”
  1. Miti says:

    That’s funny!!!! I hadn’t seen that before. It’s a good idea!

  2. Thanks – it really turned out great I think

  3. What a cool costume! My son creates his every year … he’s looking for new ideas for Halloween. I’ll show him your stick figure costume.

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