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Stix N Pops are Unique SWEET Edible Party Favors the Kids Love

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There is nothing more exciting to me than usable Party Favors, but when they are Edible it is even better. I am so excited to share with you these StixNpops, which are Handmade SWEET Marshmallow Treats Individually Wrapped and on a Stick. They make the perfect Party Favor and the kids love them.  There is also a StixNpop to match every party theme – Does it get any sweeter than that?

I had the opportunity to interview Elizabeth the genius behind StixNpops so she can tell you in her words all about them. So come on….Lets Learn about StixNpops.

What exactly are StixNpops?

Well some may call them sweets on sticks (stix), some others may call them sweet pops! the truth is that StixNpops are Fun, Sweet, and original treats on “stix”  StixNpops are made out of Marshmallows and sugar decorations!!!
Yep… this is a very sweet treat!!! that is reserved just for very special occasions!!!

How did StixNpops Get Started? What inspired you to turn this into a business?

Last year we decided to celebrate my daughter’s 2nd Birthday at a Farm because of her love for animals and horses.  As crafty as I am, and combining my love for entertaining,  I started thinking on things to do as favors that would look cute with my decorations.  So I came up with these Marshmallow Stix in the shape of chicks, pigs and cows!!! Then I personalized them with the number 2, since it was her second B-day!!!!
They were a hit!!! every body loved them- even the adults, so much that my friends started ordering marshmallow stix for their kids parties too. So I decided to put my talents to work and earn some extra money!!!

What were the very First StixNpops you created?

Farm animals –  Cows, Chicks and Pigs. These are the ones I created for my daughter’s 2nd Birthday Party.

Out of all the SWEET StixNpops you make which is your personal Favorite?

This is a hard one, I love them all, but I enjoy the most doing the girly ones – probably because I identify myself with them.  So I would say Fairies, Princesses, Angels etc…

Can you Personalize the StixNpops?

Of course, Personalization is included. I can add a number, a letter, monogram or even a short name up to 5 letters.  There are also the Writeables StixNpops, with these design you can add a phrase… like Happy Birthday, Welcome home, a full Name… or any other Message requested.

If someone wants to order StixNpops, but does not see a design to match their Party Theme – Do you do Custom Orders?

Yes, I also do custom designs. I love to challenge myself. If you give me an idea, or a drawing of what you want, I can come up with a sample prototype.  If you like it you can order, for more information on this process you can check my FAQ for more info on Custom orders.

Tell us something about your StixNpops parents would love to know.

StixNpops, are very original and a great favor for kids ( who doesn’t like marshmallows right?) StixnPops are a great to compliment you party’s décor, you can also use them in an arrangement as a centerpiece! They are individually handcrafted and safe and I only use ingredients I would let my children eat. I also use a paper stick instead of a wooden skewer. My home is a pet and smoke free!

When I asked Elizabeth what her Top Selling StixNpops were she said – “Definitely the Farm Animals… they are the #1 Selling StixNpops!”

I would like to say Thank You to Elizabeth for taking the time from her Treat making to share them with us. I think they are AWESOME and can understand completely why they are selling like crazy.

Stop by the SitxNpops Shop by clicking on the banner below and see all the wonderful YUMMY designs available to order.

I absolutely love the Zebra StixNpops – I just had to share that – lol Is that cute or what?


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