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Stuff a Dog Birthday Party Activity

April 5, 2009 by  
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Planning to have a Dog Birthday Party Theme? Why not add in a great party activity that also becomes a party favor -A Stuff a Plush Dog. Not only do the kids love to Stuff these by hand – they are so Easy to do and require NO Sewing. They will also double as a Party Favor – so Double Bonus.

Stuff a Plush Dog Kits come with everything you need – You get Plush Dog of Choice (many Breeds to chose from), Stuffing, Wishing Star Insert, Custom Dog Birth Certificate and Directions.  8″ Stuff a Plush Dogs are also Available – so there is something for every Budget.

You can also chose to dress it up in a fun outfit from 100’s of choices or a another popular choice is to let the kids decorate a T-Shirt for their plush friend using Fabric Markers. So many great options.

Kids will create their new plush Dog by hand and have a new friend to take home, hug and love forever. It is so easy to do and kids love to do it.  Now that sounds Dog Gone Great!!

To see all the Stuff a Plush Choices or to Order Yours Visit my Website: The Party Animal

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