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Stuff a Plush Chihuahua Birthday Party Activity

March 14, 2009 by  
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Who does not love a tiny little Chihuahua? Now the kids can Stuff one at their next Birthday Party.  Available on my website are  8″ Stuff a Plush Chihuahuas that are a HOT seller ever since the hit movie “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  This little Chihuahua comes with an adorable pink bow all ready for the kids to stuff and love. The Chihuahua is also available with no Bow – perfect for the Boys.

Each Stuff a Plush Chihuahua Kit comes with 8″ Plush Chihuahua of choice, Stuffing, Wishing Star Insert, Custom Chihuahua Birth Certificate and Directions. The kids easily stuff them by hand and there is NO Sewing required to. Best part is that they will also double as your Party Favor.

You can also add an outfit for each child from a HUGE selection or a Popular Choice is the T-Shirts the kids can decorate for their new plush friend using Fabric Markers. Lots of Fun Options!!!

So add some fun to your party and have all the kids saying: “Chee-WoW-Wa”

To see all the Stuff a Plush Choices and to Order Visit my Website:

The Party Animal

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