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Stuff a Plush Parrot Party Activity

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Let the kids have a Parrot of their very own with this Stuff a Plush Parrot that is perfect for a Parrot Birthday Party Theme or even a Luau Party. I love Parrots and having had one as a child I think they are beautiful creatures. I am a HUGE Bird lover.  This 16″ Plush Parrot would also be loved by the kids who would be able to stuff  by hand at the party and take home to Hug and Love forever. This Stuff a Plush is a Great Party Activity which also doubles as your party favors.

This 16″ Stuff a Plush Parrot who is called Crackers comes with:

  • Stuffing
  • Wishing Star Insert
  • Custom Parrot Birth Certificate
  • Directions

It is pretty much just like Build a Bear, but in the comfort of your home for half the price. It is so Easy and Simple to do and the kids love to do it. You can even add in Outfits to dress him up or a popular choice are the T-Shirts to decorate. Even with those colorful wings “Crackers” could still sport a kids decorated T-Shirt for sure.

For More Information and to Order Visit my Website: The Party Animal

Let me show you some fun Parrot Party Supplies that are available to keep with the whole Parrot Party Theme.  The Paper Goods pattern you see to the left I just love – it features an Parrot and a Toucan. Guess what? I carry a Stuff a Plush Toucan as well – so you can mix and match them for even more fun.

I also love this Parrot Cup which you can use at the party and then send home with the kids – so it is a Double Purpose Item – love those. It is plastic, reusable and the Head keeps you drinks safe from those pesky bugs if you are having a party outdoors.

Another item I found that I think is fun is this Light Up Parrot Necklace. When I have parties and they go until dark with the kids one thing I always have is some Light Up items or Glow Sticks – kids love that stuff. This Parrot Necklace would look great in the day and into the night.

There really is a lot of  Parrot Party Supplies out there you. Most of the Parrots will be mixed into the Luau Themes, but How cool would it be to have your entire party based on the Parrot?

I always like to add in some education at a party in a fun way when able and with a Parrot Party you can do just that by teaching the kids some facts all about these extraordinary birds. Here is a link to some Parrot Facts to get you started: Amazing Facts about Parrots.

Below is some more Fun Parrot Party Supplies I found:

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