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Stuff an 8″ Plush at your Next Birthday Party

March 31, 2009 by  
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8" Stuffable Two Tone Dog

8″ Stuffable Two Tone Dog

I offer a large selection of 8″ Stuff a Plush Animals on my website – The Party Animal.  It is a more affordable way to have a Build a Bear Type Theme Party at home. There are 55+ Plush Choices to choose from.

Each 8″  Stuff a Plush kit comes with an 8″ Stuffable Plush Animal of choice, Stuffing, Wishing Star Insert, Custom Birth Certificate and Directions  for only $7.00 per child.  All you need to do is provide the kids and the Hugs.

Also keep in mind that not only is this a Great Party Craft/Activity, but the plush also becomes the party favor saving you even more money. Also available is a large selection of Outfits to chose from and also the most popular Decorate a T-Shirt Activity. That is where the kids get to decorate a T-Shirt to fit on their new plush friend with Fabric Markers.

Kids absolutely love stuffing these plush by hand and being able to bring home a new friend to their collection and they do not take up too much room. There is NO Sewing required.

To see all your Stuff a Plush Choices and to Order Visit my Website: The Party Animal






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