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Stuff a Plush Monster Party Activity

September 9, 2010 by  
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Here is fun activity that is perfect for the Kids Birthday Party, Monster Party Theme or Halloween Party that the kids will love. Let them Stuff their very own Plush Monster to take home – so that means it is not only a Party Activity, but it will also double as your Party Favor. DOUBLE BONUS !!

Currently on my website – The Party Animal I offer 5 different 16″ Plush Monsters to choose from. You can see them pictured to your left and all of them are super cute and not scary at all. The kids get to stuff these guys by hand in the comfort of your home and bring them to life. It is so EASY to do and it is always a big hit at any party.

You can choose from the Blue Google Monster which is the blue one and happens to be my personal favorite. Then there is the red Hairy Monster or you can choose the 3 Monsters which are a lot of fun and sold in sets of 3 for a fun variety.

Each Stuff a Plush Monster Kit comes complete with:

  • 16″ Plush Monster of Choice
  • Custom Monster Birth Certificate
  • Stuffing
  • Wishing Star Insert
  • Directions

Also available are T-Shirts to decorate for the Plush Monsters using Fabric Markers and  large variety of Outfits you can choose from as well. Now how much fun is that? The kids will love their new Monsters that they created all by themselves.

For more information and to order your Stuff a Plush Monster Kits Visit my Website Here:

The Party Animal

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