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Stuff a Turkey Pinata this Thanksgiving for the Kids

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Who says Pinatas are just for Birthday Parties? Do you know there is a Pinata for just about every holiday you can imagine. So this Thanksgiving why not consider Stuffing a Turkey Pinata in addition to your Edible Turkey for the kids.

Kids love Pinatas and they will especially love  a surprise when bring a Turkey Pinata out on Thanksgiving – Don’t ya think? I even think some of us adults would not mind getting in on smashing a Turkey too!!!

So let me share with you some cool Turkey Pinata options and some ideas on what you can use for your stuffing.

The Turkey Pinata Featured to the Upper Left is one of my favorites – this is a Pull String Pinata and is 13″ high x 11″ wide x 12″ deep – so it can hold lots of stuffing !!!

Now check this out – This Turkey Pinata you see to the right has a bonus – it makes noise. It Gobbles when hit. Yes also kinda creepy to us adults, but the kids will love it and I think it is quite funny and a BIG Surprise for the kids come pinata time. This Turkey Pinata

measures 20″ x 17″ x 13″.

Now check out this Turkey Pinata to the left that you can make yourself. How cute is that? It is very easy to create and the directions are all available at Family Fun. I think this would be a lot of fun to make with the kids ahead of time of course and they can feel involved with making the Turkey too – lol. This also makes a great Thanksgiving or Fall Party decoration as well.

Now when it comes time to take out the Turkey Pinata and get playing why not kick things up a notch by having the kids wear a fun Turkey Mask to cover their eyes. I like the one I show pictured to the right and it is available to Print for FREE at Designs with Heart. The only thing you would need to do is add some elastic string to them so the kids could wear them over their face. Then do not cut out the eyes so they will not be able to see. PERFECT !!!

Now instead of just turning the kids around 3 times before they are ready to hit the Pinata – instead have them flap their arms and Gobble like a Turkey as they spin. How funny will it be to watch them do that with the Turkey Mask on? Get out those video cameras and stay clear of the area when they are about to swing at the Turkey.

Now lets talk stuffing for your Turkey Pinata. Just because you have a Pinata does not mean the entire thing needs to be filled with Candy. You can have fun Stickers, Tattoos, Bouncy Balls, Balloon Punch Balls, Pencils, Packaged Snacks – like 100 calorie Packs etc… Have fun with your Pinata Filler and just find fun items you can fit into the opening.  If you have more Girls – Nail Polish, Jewelry, Make Up and Boys  – Matchbox Cars, Slime, Army Guys etc… Oh and to add to the fun why not stick some fake Turkey Feathers in their too – so when it is busted open the fall out all over – Too Funny.

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