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Summer Beach Pool Party Craft Activity Idea – Shell T-Shirt

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shell-tshirtIf you are looking for some fun Summertime Party Crafts here is one for you the kids will love. Also remember this craft activity is BUDGET FRIENDLY because it will also double as your party favor.

Here is what you will need:

White or light colored T-Shirts or Tank Tops for each guest (you can usually find these on sale at your local craft stores for as low as $2 each.) For sizes – you can ask the parents ahead of time as they RSVP to the party.

A Nice assortment of Sea Shells – These can also be found at the craft store – or take a trip to the beach if you have one near by.

Fabric Paints in assorted colors

Sponges – you can use regular house sponges and cut them in half so you have enough for each color paint you will be using.

Of course have plenty of newspaper or table covering and have some plain paper to put on the inside of the shirts to avoid bleeding to the backside when the kids paint. Oh and do not forget the paper towels.

TIP: Craft stores usually have discount coupons you can use to save even more money.

Now what to do:

Take your sea shells and press them into the sponges to get a coating of paint on them. Then the kids will press the shells onto the shirt to create their very own designs. It is that easy and the kids can get very creative. Parents will love the kids come home with a useful party favor vs. a bag full of candy.

Allow for dying time.

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    Shell t shirt, thanks for sharing. Thanks for the idea

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