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Summer Birthday Party Cake Ideas

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Sunshine Cake

Sunshine Cake

A few years back for my Daughter’s Luau Party I created a couple Cakes which were so easy to make and looked really adorable so I want to share them with you.

The First one is what I call a Sunshine Cake. It is so easy to do. All you do is make a regular round cake flavor is your choice. Take White frosting (2 Containers) and add some Yellow Food Coloring and frost your cake as you normally would. Then take some regular sugar in a baggie and add some Yellow Food Coloring to turn it Yellow or you can just buy Yellow Sugar in the store. Now take some Ice Cream Sugar Cones and frost them with the Yellow Frosting and then roll in the Yellow Sugar. Take your extra Yellow Sugar and Sprinkle it on the Cake. The Sugar adds a nice glisten effect – it is the sun ya know!! Then Stick your Cones in the side of the cake lightly and you have a sun!!! It is that easy and it looks awesome.

Beach Scene Cake & Cupcakes

Island Scene Cake & Cupcakes

The Island Scene Cake & Cupcakes was a fun one to create as well. I made a regular round cake for the Island Scene and cupcakes to surround the Island. I used Chocolate Frosting for the Island and added just a touch of Brown Sugar at the edge to represent Sand. I then took some Plastic Palm Trees and a Beach Chair and Polly Pocket to add to the top for Decoration from my daughter’s toys. For the Cupcakes which represent the water I used Vanilla Frosting and Blue Sugar Sprinkled  on the tops. You can make Blue Sugar using regular sugar in a Baggie and adding some Blue Food Coloring or buy some in the store. You can even make the frosting Blue by adding the food coloring to that, but I like the shimmer of the sugar. Then I found Gunny Fish in different Fish Shapes and added one on each Cup Cake. Then just set them up on a Plate and you have your Island Scene Cake & Cupcakes and the kids loved it. How easy is that?

picture-164Polly Pocket Chillin’ on the Island

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