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Sunflower Birthday Cake

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I must say when I saw this Sunflower Birthday Cake made by my friend Cheryl I was so impressed by how creative it was. It really just screams Spring & Summer to me and I am a Big Fan of Sunflowers too. So I asked Cheryl if she would share how she made this cake with my readers. One thing she said was it is so EASY to make and who does not love Easy?

Now Cheryl frosted her cakes using Homemade Buttercream which I think is great if you can make some. For me I am a pre-made Frosting Tub Girl which works too. I am sure the homemade frosting tastes so much better, but I am not as talented when it comes to that stuff. So Kudos to Cheryl for that. I bet all the party guests enjoyed eating it.

Here is what you will need to create this Sunflower Birthday Cake:

  • 2 9″ Round Baked Cakes  – Any Flavor you like (I like Vanilla – just thought I would share)
  • Chocolate Frosting – Cheryl used Homemade Chocolate Buttercream (Yum), but a Tub of Chocolate Frosting would work
  • White or Vanilla Frosting – Cheryl used Homemade Vanilla Buttercream, again a Tub of White or Vanilla Frosting will work.
  • Green Food Coloring
  • Twinkies
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Cake Writer for your Birthday Message
  • Bumblebee (Explained Below)

Here is how to create your Sunflower Cake:

First make the base you will be putting your cake on, you can use a piece of Cardboard or Cookie Sheet covered in Foil or a fun Wrapping paper if you like.

Bake your 9″ Round Cakes leaving some Batter aside for the Stem and Leaves. Cheryl took the leftover batter and spread it onto a Cookie Sheet and baked that. Once cooled she took a butter knife and cut out a stem shape and 2 leaves. Of course at that point you can have a snack and eat all the remaining pieces – it is ok you deserve it.

Give your Round Cake a Crumb Coating with the Chocolate Frosting. While that sets add some Green Food Coloring to your White or Vanilla Frosting until you get your desired green shade. Now Crumb coat your Stem and Leaves.

Now take your 9″ Round Cake and place towards the top in the center of you pre-made foil covered cake base making sure you will have enough room for the Twinkies to go around as your pedals. Then finish frosting the cake using your Chocolate Frosting. Then Place on your Stem and leaves and do the same with the Green Frosting.

Then take your Chocolate Chips and place them like it is shown in the picture on the top of your Chocolate Cake to represent the seeds. Then unwrap a bunch of Twinkies and add them around the Chocolate Cake to represent pedals and yes if you have extra you can eat one of them too. Now you can write you Birthday Message on. So now you have your Sunflower Birthday Cake, but Sunflowers always attract the Bees – so time to add a Bumblebee.

The Bumblebee:

Cheryl actually created her Bumblebee using or in her words by mutilating an Easter Peep Chick.  She was not happy with it, but I think it is cute. Ideally she would have made one using Gumdrops:  yellow, black, yellow- stuck together with a toothpick, but she had none on hand.  I think it is cute and a creative idea she came up with.

You can also purchase some Edible Sugar Shape Bumblebees and place them on top if you do not feel as creative as Cheryl and they would look great too. Or you can use a toy Bumblebee or sometimes you can find Chocolate Bumblebees wrapped in foil.

So I would like to again thank Cheryl for her sharing how to make this great Sunflower Birthday Cake and maybe she will have some other fun cakes to share in the near future. Stay Tuned……

Looking for a fun Party Activity? How about having your party guests Stuff a Bumblebee?


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  1. Wow. This sunflower cake is so attractive. It is artistically made and i am sure that kids will love this one. It is very detailed. Great job!

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