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Super Hero Squad Birthday Party

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Marvels Super Hero Squad is becoming a big favorite among the kids. This Cartoon which airs on Cartoon Network  features all the kids favorite Heroes and Villains like Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Falcon, Silver Surfer, Thor, Abomination, Dormammu, Dr. Doom, Juggernaut, Loki, Mole Man, Modok,  Enchantressand and more.  If your child is a fan then why not throw them a Super Hero Squad Party. I am going to share with some fun ideas and party supplies to go along with this party theme so here we go….

Lets start with your Party Invitations. You can find a large number of Super Hero Squad Party Invitations being offered on Ebay. Some of my favorite ones come from Ebay seller Magic Design Invitations which are the ones you see pictured to the right.  They are actually Super Hero Squad Ticket Style Invitations that come in 9 different design choices and of course can be personalized with all your party information. They also give you the option to print them at home your self if you are a last minute party planner. So no matter which Hero or Villain your child loves there will be an Invitation for all of them and they are all wonderful.

Now lets talk about your Party Supplies. You can find your Marvel Super Hero Squad Party Supplies in a Deluxe Party Pack which include 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, 16 napkins, tablecover, centerpiece, foil balloon, 18 balloons (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), curling ribbon (3 colors), and 16 cake candles. Of course you can purchased any of those items separately and mix and match with some solid colors to save yourself some money.

You can also find a nice selection of  Super Hero Squad Party Balloons on EBay too.

Now let me share with you some fun Super Hero Squad Party Games and Activities for the Party:

Superhero Obstacle Course – If you have space outside then have some fun and set up a Superhero Obstacle Course. Use thing you may have around the house already. Use Hula Hoops for the kids to jump in,  Chairs they can crawl under, Cardboard Box Tunnels etc… Any thing you can find to create a fun challenging course the kids have to run through and test their abilities.

Heroes and Villains – Kids love this, but you will want to play this outside.  Break your party guests into two teams – Heroes vs. Villains – Arm each guest with a can of Silly String Spray. Each team will have the same color. Let the kids run around and see which team can get the most hits on their enemies. Yes it may get messy, but Silly String cleans up really easy. If you want give each guest a pair of Sun Glasses to protect their eyes if it makes you feel better or just let them know they cannot shoot at someones face.

Who has Super Vision? – This is a fun game idea. Prior to the party take your camera and take a bunch of close up photos of everyday objects from fun angles.  Then Print out the photos. You can play it a number of ways – you can print out enough photos for each party guest and number them. Then also give them a sheet of paper numbered and let them sit down with the photos and guess what each one is. Give them a set amount of time to do this. When time is up go through each photo one by one and ask each child to give their guess and see who matches the most and has Super Vision. You can also play this just by passing around the photo and letting each child guess.

Another Variation – X-Ray Vision – Just put items in a Box, cut a hole big enough for the guests to stick their hands in to Touch and Feel the items. See who can guess the most items in the box correctly.

Save the Citizens of  Superhero City – This game is perfect for a nice warm summer day outside when your party guests need to cool off a bit.  Prior to the party fill up a bunch of water balloons – these will represent your Citizens of Superhero City. Then break up your party guests into pairs. Give each pair the same amount of water balloons.  Then have the pairs stand an equal distance apart. One team member will be the tosser and the other the catcher. On go the tossers must toss the Citizen to the catcher and they must catch it without dropping it. Once they catch they must place it on the ground and continue trying to catch the rest. Which ever pair has saved the most citizens wins. If there is a tie then play the game again with those who have tied and switch rolls – Tosser/Catcher. Play until you have a winning pair !!!

No party is ever complete without a Pinata. This Super Hero Squad Pinata is available from EBay Seller: Brooklyn Party Supply and features the Super Hero Squad Characters. This Pinata is High Quality and each one is handmade. It is a pull string Pinata and comes with 16 Strings and more can be added upon request. It measures 12 inches in diameter and 16 inches high and can be filled with a nice amount of goodies.

Add in some fun Toys, Balls, Superhero Fruit Snacks, Candies, Stickers, Tattoos Etc…

Another fun activity you can do with the kids that will also double as a Party Favor would be to let them Stuff a Plush Animal and dress it in one of the many Super Hero Costumes I carry on my website –  There are 100’s of Plush Animals to choose from both Large Size and Small and a large number of Super Hero Outfits they can be dressed in. The kids get to stuff their plush in the comfort of your home and take it home to Hug and Love Forever. Stuff a Plush is always a winning activity at any party.

When it comes to your Super Hero Squad Birthday Cake you have many options. Ebay has a large variety of Super Hero Squad Edible Cake Images available you can personalize and easily place on your baked and frosted cakes.

You can also find Marvel Super Hero Squad Cake Topper Kits that come with 2 Figure Characters that are also Water Squirters,  1 Marvel Super Hero Squad Piece and 1 Protecting our City Piece to be placed on top of your baked and frosted cake.

You can also purchase the Marvel Super Hero Squad Figurinesand use them to place on top of your Birthday Cake and they come in all the kids favorite Characters.

So you do have many choices when it comes to your Super Hero Squad Birthday Cake – it just depends on what style you are looking for. Just have fun with it and think Super Hero !!

If you choose to make cupcakes you have a few options for those too. You can choose to use the Super Hero Squad Cupcake Rings that are available to place on the top of your cupcakes. These are cute, because the kids can clean them off and take them home as part of their party favors.

You can also get creative and make your own Super Hero Squad Cupcake Toppers by printing out pictures from the internet, cutting them out and tape a Toothpick or Craft Stick to them  and stick them into your cupcakes. There are lots of pictures to be found of all the Super Heroes.

You can also find a nice variety of  Super Hero Squad Edible Cupcake Images on Ebay also. Just like the edible cake images these are just placed on top of your baked and frosted cupcakes. So Easy and Simple.  You can even have them personalized too !!!

Now lets talk about some Super Hero Squad Party Favors.  Personally I like fun usable party favors and there are so many ways you can go. One way I really like is giving the kids a Marvel Super Hero Squad Book to take home. There are a lot of titles to choose from and they are BUDGET FRIENDLY as well.  Add a Bag of Chips, Cookies, Brownie etc… as a snack and a Juice Box and they have a snack and a good read and you have a great Party Favor. You can also add in a Bookmark if you like, but I think this is the perfect ending to a fun party.

I hope I was able to give you some ideas to help with your Super Hero Squad Party. Just have fun with it – think Super Heroes and you will be just fine.


6 Responses to “Super Hero Squad Birthday Party”
  1. Jenn says:

    I think Super Hero parties are a timeless theme that can work for any age group-even adults. Thank you so much for all the fantastic tips! A good friend of mine is trying to come up with a theme for her 30th birthday party in a few months, and the Super Hero theme is one of them. I will definitely be passing along this information to her!

  2. Erica says:

    You are my hero for pulling all of this super hero info together! I just ordered the ticket invitations off of ebay. So fabulous! Thanks again.

  3. Wonderful – I am so glad I could help !!!

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