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How to Make Sushi Cupcakes using Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves

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For my daughter’s Birthday I decided to make her some Sushi Cupcakes that resembled California Rolls since those happen to be her favorite.  She requested on her Birthday to go out to eat at one of her favorite Chinese Food Restaurants for dinner and I thought some Sushi Cupcakes for Dessert were the perfect choice.

The funny thing about Sushi is that it has always been my favorite thing to eat, then my son took a liking to them and now my daughter. So eating Sushi has become a family affair in my house, but our very favorite Sushi Rolls are the California Rolls. Oh and let me add this trip to the Chinese Restaurant I found my husband now eating them too.  I am happy they like them so much and sad that now there is less for me – lol. I guess it is a good thing it was a Buffet and there was plenty to go around.

I must say these Sushi Cupcakes came out so cute and they are really easy to make and you can create them any way you like to resemble your favorite Sushi Rolls just by getting creative with the candies you stick in the middle. So let me show you Step by Step how I made them for the very first time.

What I used to create my Sushi Cupcakes:

  • Cupcakes – Flavor of Choice – mine were Chocolate
  • Vanilla Frosting
  • Shredded Coconut
  • Roundabouts Just like Sushi Cupcake Sleeves – Available on my Website
  • Orange Gummy Slices
  • Green & White Gumdrops
  • Orange Sugar

Ok so here are all my supplies to create my California Roll Sushi Cupcakes.  Vanilla Frosting and Shredded Coconut  mixed together will simulate the Rice. Orange Gummy Slices for my Crab, Green Gumdrops for my Avocado, White Gumdrops for my Cucumber, Orange Sugar for my Tobiko (Fish Eggs) and the Just like Sushi Cupcake Sleeves to wrap around Cupcake that looks like Nori (Seaweed).

You can use any Candy for your Sushi Cupcakes – a fun one of course is some Swedish Fish – Just have fun with it.

So the first thing you are going to do is Bake and Cool your Cupcakes. Then take your Vanilla Frosting and add in a good amount of the Shredded Coconut and Mix well – this is going to be your Rice. I chose to make Chocolate Cupcakes which was a good pair with the Coconut flavor. If you think kids will not like coconut you can always mix in some White Sprinkles or dip the tops of your Frosted Cupcakes into them to look like rice. I am lucky we all love Coconut.

The next step is to wrap your cupcakes in the Just like Sushi Cupcake Sleeves which are self adhesive Cupcake Wraps that look just like Nori (they are sold on my website). Once that is done you can add your Frosting.

Once you have all of your Sushi Cupcakes Frosted I suggest sticking them in the Fridge to harden up a bit before continuing on. This just makes it easier and less messy when you do the decorating.

While I waited for the cupcake to harden up in the fridge I cut up my Gumdrops. For the Avocado I cut one Green Gumdrop in Half. For my Cucumbers I Cut a White Gumdrop in Half. Then I cut up the Half into strips. This will get sticky, but what I do is roll them in some sugar after they are cut to avoid the Stickies. This is a big help when handling them.

Here are all my Sushi Cupcake pieces ready to go. (Yes I spelled Avocado wrong – lol)

Time to create our Sushi – Stick in Orange Gummy Slice, then next to that add your Green Gumdrop Slice and then 3-4 White Gumdrop slices.

Then just Sprinkle on some of the Orange Sugar to look like Tobiko (Fish Eggs) and you are all done – mmmmmm

And here is my Birthday Girl with her Sushi Cupcake and a Candle all ready to be lit and blown out for a very special Birthday Wish.

See how easy that was? If you are having an Asian Themed Party or just know someone who loves Sushi like I do – then have some fun and Bake up some SWEET Sushi Cupcakes for a fun twist.

Stop by my website to see all the Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves including the Just like Sushi Cupcake Sleeve I used here:

The Party Animal


10 Responses to “How to Make Sushi Cupcakes using Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves”
  1. Melody says:

    I love your sushi cupcakes! So clever and so fun.

  2. Thank you so much – they were yummy

  3. Maddy says:

    I like the use of candy for the sushi – so cute! I just made some sushi cupcakes too and wanted to share. Let me know what you think

  4. OMG those are fantastic – great job and thanks for sharing

  5. Haha these are just so cute. Wish I could make some like these some day

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