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Teddy Bear Pool Party Supplies

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These Teddy Bear Pool Party Supplies have to be the cutest I have seen lately. The Party Supply pattern features cute Teddy Bears dressed in their Swimsuits and ready to have a good time. These party supplies would be great for a little one celebrating their Birthday in the Summer Time. Are they cute or What?

Now wait there is much more to go with this theme. You can get the matching Teddy Bear Party Invitations that come with coordinating Thank You cards. The Invitations are shaped like Teddy Bears with a Big Bow – this is just Cute Overload. The Thank You Cards feature the Teddy Bears in their Swimsuits and some have a Tulle Overlay which just adds to the cuteness.

Now this has to be my favorite of them all How about an Interactive Teddy Bear Centerpiece for the table? The Centerpiece measures 21.5 x 6 x 11 inches when assembled. Teddy Bears move when the handles are moved and the Stage opens and closes. Tell me all the kids would not go crazy over this?

Also available is this Teddy Bear Garland that is 10 Feet Long and features all the cute Teddy Bears in their Swimsuits with Tulle Overlay and Flags in between.  Just mix in some Solid Colored Balloons or Polka Dot Balloons and Teddy Bear Balloons to finish off the look and you will have one cute party ready to go.

How about some matching Cupcakes for the kids? No Problem this Teddy Bear Cupcake Kit matches the party theme and comes with everything less your Baked Cupcakes. Cupcake Kit includes 24 cupcake cases and 24 cupcake toppers. Those Teddy Bear Toppers are all sporting those Swimsuits again and some have the Tulle Overlay to really make them stand out.  The kids can even take their Cake Toppers home to play later.

Finish the party off by sending the kids home with some Teddy Bear Cookies and treats in these adorable matching Teddy Bear Favor Bags. Paper bags measure 8 x 5 x 3.  The Teddy Bear on the front holds a Card you can fill out with the child’s name.

I don’t know about you , but I think these Teddy Bear Party Supplies are the Cutest!!! If these were around my when my kids were young I would have used them for sure.

A perfect Party Activity to go along with this them would be a Stuff a Plush Teddy Bear and Dress it up in a Swimsuit.  This is where the kids get to Stuff a Teddy Bear by hand to take home and love. It will also double as a Party Favor.

The Teddy Bears are sold in Kits which include:

  • Plush Teddy Bear of Choice (Many Styles to Choose from and Available in both 16″ and 8″ Sizes)
  • Stuffing
  • Wishing Star Insert
  • Custom Teddy Bear Birth Certificate
  • Directions

Then you can opt to add one of the many Swimsuits available to dress them up in to coordinate with the Party Theme. Or you can even have the kids Decorate a T-Shirt using Fabric Markers for their new Teddy Bears to wear. There are lots of fun options to choose from.

The kids really do enjoy this activity and they love their new Plush Friends even better.

Visit my website to see all the Stuff a Plush and Outfit Choices Here:

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6 Responses to “Teddy Bear Pool Party Supplies”
  1. I like those Teddy Bear Pool Party Supplies, they are very cute and very fit to any kids happy party occasions, I hope to have that one for my younger pretty cousin in her birthday.

  2. I loved these too – so cute

  3. Smith says:

    These are cute for my twins, One boy and one girl both 4 years old. my wife and I need something that is neither too boyish or two girlish as they like to say.

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