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Teenie Tiny Acorn Jack-O-Lanterns

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Acorn PumpkinsHere is a fun Teenie Tiny craft idea you can do with the kids this fall – create Acorn Jack-O-Lanterns. You don’t need much to do it and most of the materials needed are free and might even be in your own backyard.

So we were out at the lake the other day to take the boat out. While waiting for my hubby and son to put the boat in the water I was sitting under some old oak trees when an acorn hit me in the head. I looked down at the ground at the millions of them at my feet and they looked like little miniature pumpkins.  So I started to gather a bunch of them up to take home with me to have some fun. Of course my family made fun of me and my idea, but I was so excited.

So when I got home I decorated one up to show them my vision and again they laughed at me, but I love these little guys and they look cool on my shelves in my house.

Here is all you need to create these Teenie Tiny Acorn Jack-O-Lanterns:

  • Acorns
  • Orange Highlighter
  • Fine Point Black Sharpie Marker

acorn craftI decided to use a highlighter because it was quick and easy and I did want the look of the Acorn to show through. It gives them a nice orange hue vs. painting them up. Yes it does get on your fingers a little, but totally washable and easy for the kids to do.

Once that is dry just take your black sharpie and bring it to life with an adorable little face.

acorn jackolanternCome on how darn cute are they?

Oh and so Teenie Tiny!!!

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