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Thanksgiving Pilgrim Costume Crafts for the Kids

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Last Thanksgiving my sister and I had fun creating some simple Pilgrim Hats for the Boys and Pilgrim Costumes for the Girls all out of paper, with their help of course. I think they came out very cute and made for some cute Photo Moments.

I am usually the one who is in charge of Crafts and Activities for the kids on the Holidays. It is not a chore for me at all – I actually have way too  much fun with it. But as I said this Craft Activity was mostly my sister’s idea and so I went with it and I was glad I did. That Pilgrim Hat was the original plan to make one for the Boys and the Girls, but then my daughter and niece wanted a dress and that was just created on the fly.

Add in some props like we did for the photos that were sitting around the room as part of the Thanksgiving Day decor and you have yourself some great Pictures for your Scrap book. The picture to the left is my niece and nephew – is that cute or what? So let me tell you how we created these and maybe you will create some of your own this year with the kids.

Items Needed to Create your Thanksgiving Pilgrim Costumes:

  • Construction Paper – Large Sized – we actually used Large White Paper Sheets we had on hand
  • Hole Punch
  • Yarn or String
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors

We then used these Pilgrim Hat Templates that are available with Step by Step Directions at Kaboose Here:

Boys Pilgrim Hat

Girls Pilgrim Hat

Being we did not use colored Construction Paper we had the Boys color their Pilgrim Hats in using a Black Crayon. We also covered the Belt Buckle with Tin Foil just for some added fun.

Here they all are hard at work:

So for the girls Pilgrim Dresses my sister created these just by taking the large sheet of paper and basically making a rectangle Bottom and cutting a Bib towards the top. Then punching holes at the top of the Bib (kinda like an overall dress) and then on the back and added Ribbon to tie them on. It was so Simple and really added to the girls look.

So this Thanksgiving think about Dressing up the kids and not just the Turkey Dinner !!!

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