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The Princess and the Frog Birthday Party Activity

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The princess and the frog birthday party supplies

Disney’s new The Princess and the Frog Movie will be having little girls everywhere wanting to have a Princess Tiana Themed Party for sure.  In celebration of the new princess we have put together a great party activity to go perfectly with The Princess and The Frog Birthday Party Theme.  The story of the movie is about Prince Naveen who was turned into a frog by an evil magician.  The Prince gets Tiana to Kiss him thinking she is a princess and she also turns into a frog.  The story continues as they go on a journey through New Orleans to turn themselves back into humans. To know how it ends and to follow their journey – you will have just have to see the movie.  I can tell you this – They all live Happily Ever After in a very Magical way.

the princess and the frog birthday party activity

So with that idea in mind we created a fun party activity that the kids will love.  It is my The Princess and The Frog Theme Stuffable Plush  Kit and are only available from The Party Animal.  These kits are specially priced and available in two sizes so there is one for every budget.

Each kit contains:

  • Plush Frog available in 15″ Size or 8″ Size
  • Kiss Soundchip – Makes a Kiss Sound
  • Wishing Star Insert
  • Pink Princess T-Shirt
  • Stuffing
  • Custom Birth Certificate to match theme
  • Instructions

All you need to do is supply the kids and the hugs.  Also Note that Kissing this Frog will not turn it into a Prince or Princess.

The kids easily stuff these by hand and they can also double as your party favor.  You can read how easy it is do here: Stuff a Plush Directions.

Frog Kiss chocolate covered rice kripsy treat

In addition to those kits we are also happy to offer some fun Edible Party Favors with our Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treat Love Frogs and Kiss Lips. These treats are HUGE weighing in at 4-5 ounces each, individually packed and each one comes on a stick. They are made fresh to order and you can mix and match the designs.

Kiss Lips chocolate covered rice kripy treats

Add some ribbon with a “Thank You” tag and send the kids home with a yummy treat they can enjoy after the party is over. You can also take these and turn them into a great table display by sticking them into a decorated Styrofoam base and let the kids take one on their way  out.

For Ingredient List and To Order Yours Visit our website: The Party Animal

I have made a separate page that features all the Official Disney The Princess and The Frog Party Supplies  along with Personalized Invitations, Game Ideas, Free Printable Games, Princess Tiana Toys and anything else related to planning out this party theme.

You can visit it here: The Princess and The Frog Birthday Party Supplies, Ideas and More.

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