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How to make Tie Dye Cookie Pops that are really GrooVy

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These Tie Dye Cookie Pops are not only colorful, but they are really easy to create. How great would these be for a 70’s Party Theme or Tie Dye Party Theme? I think they came out really GrooVy and now I am going  to show you how I made them.

It started with a great deal I got on some rolls of Pillsbury Refrigerated Sugar Cookie Dough. I bought a few rolls because I could not beat the price and I like to have quick cookies on hand for when extra kids come over. Today was a very rainy day here and just dreary. I was thinking about rainbows all day for some reason – maybe I am just dying for Spring to get here already. So I decided I would take that Cookie Dough and dye it in rainbow colors and create these cool Tie Dye Cookie Pops. So that is what I did and I got my Rainbow and a yummy treat that made me and the kids SMILE.

Here is what I used to create these Tie Dye Cookie Pops:

  • Pillsbury Refrigerated Sugar Cookie Dough
  • Food Coloring Gel – Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet
  • Cookie Pop Sticks

So here are my ingredients ready to go – not much at all.

Next I cut the Cookie Dough into 6 sections. Then on some Floured Wax Paper I took each section and added a different Food Coloring Gel. We made Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple – the whole Rainbow.  My daughter had fun mixing in the colors and it did get a little messy, but I also sprayed our hands with some Cooking Spray to help stop the color from dying our hands. My Sista Peep was here as well and helped too – Family Fun on a Friday Night !!

They we just rolled out each color into snakes/logs and stuck them back into the fridge a bit so they would be less sticky.  Next I just cut a piece of each of the colors and placed them next to each other and then rolled them into a new colorful snake/log. Then I just took that and rolled it into a a circle. My daughter had fun doing this – it is pretty much Edible Play-Doh.  Then I laid down my Circles on a cookie sheet and inserted a Cookie Pop Stick into each of them. Make sure to leave enough room between then because they grow big  in the oven.  It was fun to see all the colors mix and of course each one was different.

And what baking project of mine is not complete without my daughter the ham posing with the treats. She had fun with this one for sure and the last picture shows one of her own cookie creations. We definitely had a lot of fun doing this one and it made a day of rain seem much brighter !!

We individually wrapped the Tie Dye Cookie Pops in cellophane with a twist tie – nothing fancy since they were just for us, but add a Ribbon and these would make a Great Edible Party Favor to send the kids home with. Are they GrooVy or what?

Peace Out !!


10 Responses to “How to make Tie Dye Cookie Pops that are really GrooVy”
  1. amber says:

    Love these! We will be trying this out soon. Wish us luck because we can make the easiest recipe into a disaster on some days lol.

  2. Nah these really are Super Easy !!! You will be fine.

  3. Rhonda562 says:

    Those look great. your daughter is so pretty. I might do these for my daughters carnival themed birthday

  4. Thanks – They r so EASY and fun. the kids love them.

  5. Diana Ross says:

    I can’t wait to try this with the grandkids:) Especially put some white icing on them to make peace signs! They like the hippie theme that I grew up with. lol! Thank you for sharing:) You are so creative!

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