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Topps Zhu Zhu Pets Stick On Wall Decals

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I have to share my find with all you Zhu Zhu Pet Lovers out there. See my daughter finally got her very first Zhu Zhu Pet for Easter and ever since she has been hooked. Now I am that parent going store to store to find Zhu Zhu’s – which may I add are still hard to come by in the stores.  Even though they are much easier to find online – she likes to see things in person being it is her own money she is spending.

Anyway – we went into Target and my daughter says “Mom we must be getting closer to them I found these stickers.” Being I have been on top of all these Zhu Zhu Pets with my Zhu Zhu Pet Gift Shop I thought I was pretty up to date on what is available, but nope – yet another item just released. Of course it was also another couple items added to my purchase too. Thanks Cepia for that one – lol. I ended up buying 2 Packs and now think that I should have purchased more – may have to go back myself. My daughter cannot wait to add them to her walls. They will also make great Party Favors too.

So here is what they are:

They are Stickers of  Zhu Zhu Pets on 5×7 Sheets

2 Pets come in each package with a sticker of their Special Mark and a Zhu Zhu Pet Logo (so 6 Stickers total per pack)

5 different Packs to Collect in a Series of 10

They are Removable and Reusable – so fine for the kids walls.

They are made by Topps

Now where can you get some? Well I know for sure Target has them – that is where I got mine. I see Amazon has them available as well, but they do not say which ones you get at this time. I am sure that will update soon. So go get them before they are gone too!!!

Here are the ones my daughter got so you can see what they look like:

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