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Toy Story Pinatas

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I have to share with you some fun Toy Story Pinatas. Being Toy Story 3 will be coming out soon I want to make sure I have everyone updated with what is available for their Toy Story Birthday Parties since there will no doubt be an influx of children wanting this theme after seeing the movie. Personally I cannot wait to see it myself – it is one of my favorite movies of all time and this one looks just as good as the rest of them.

Now lets talk Pinatas. I am so happy to have found the Buzz Lightyear Pinata – he went missing for awhile, but is back. This happens to my very favorite of them all.  This pinata is 17′ W x 19″ H. He is a pull string pinata so if the kids are careful when pulling and do not destroy it you can re-tape the bottom and your child can keep it in their rooms for decoration.

Also available is this Buzz Lightyear Pinata shaped like a Space Ship which is another great choice. This pinata is 15 1/2 ” x 12″ x 4″. It is also a pull string style. NOTE: You can turn any pull string style pinata in your traditional smash style just by forgetting about the strings and doing it the old fashioned way.

You can also find a nice variety of other Toy Story Pinatas on Ebay that have been custom made. Like the one you see pictured to your left from Brooklyn Party Supply.  They other feature some of the other characters from the movie including Woody.

As you can see you have some nice choices, honestly if this was my party I would totally have to chose the first one – Buzz Lightyear – he is just my very favorite – just saying – lol.

You can also take a look on Ebay for lots of great ideas on what to fill your pinata with. They have so many choices and the prices are great. Take a look; Toy Story Party Pinata Fillers. So forget all the candy when you can find lots of fun Toy Story Items the kids will love.


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